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yeah took several business days to get them out of there. usps customs is always a a little slow but yes post pics please whoever gets them first! skoak already took down the link for the boots
^ have you received your uwing boots yet? customs/usps in ny took furever
someone needs to hop on these http://www.ebay.com/itm/JOHN-LOBB-SHOES-BOOTS-WILLIAM-II-BLACK-SIZE-10E-/111476620734?pt=UK_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item19f4863dbe
6. sold
k last? very nice rogerp man i want to try out k last. from some angles its as though i could pull it off
nay, like rogerp, i already have one. hurry up and get yours and join the club!
i agree, this is a great way to own a black boot. black can feel meh, nice to mix it up with suede or some nice detail. good luck!
"believe"? what are you confused about? leaves said it was a stock time from a few years agoim saying black gmto rarely get made by the community
i may be mistaken but im not sure if a black gmto of anything has been made. let alone a bal boot.. if anything be patient youve got an up hill climb here
why not get the bonafe bal boot? i actually prefer that one. but in any case, good luck. if anything be patient youve got an up hill climb here
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