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my goodness those are nice
drop to $200 shipped
drop to $200 shipped
hello gents! congrats on another good year. warriors may fall short of the record but even more shocking is idfnl didnt make the finals after a late season surge. Indy squeaked into the playoffs on a tiebreaker and _CB_ and dabigconundrum duked it out for the win. Could the 2 winners email me with their paypal address? Will send funds over shortly
just in the past 48 hours. looking at these handsome pics gives you a pretty good ideal of what an f or u last chukka brown suede chukka will look like
what can be said there are so many images online open ended question only lead to more questions: i mean are you looking for casual shoe, are you looking to wear it formally? will it be both? do you have any other chiseled shoes? or are they mostly rounded toes?
youre absolutely useless to any thread ive seen you on. is there anything you can contribute to this conversation?if the next post you make is insightful and useful, it would be your first
f last is like a turkey sandwich, and u last feels likes a turkey sandwich with alfalfa and no mayo
^ thanks doc! Closeup of the tarnsjo (hope ive spelled that correctly since ive used it multiple times today :/)
Tarnsjo pebble and cigar shell cordovan The tarnsjo is very thin, almost thinner than the lining and very soft to the touch. Ideal for shaft imo
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