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Oh The Horror!
ahh what a shame. did the trees fit a little too big?
awesome. they are fantastic. difference is night and day between the spring lasted pair of the same size
an empty space is only slightly less effective than a shoe tree that doesnt fit the shoe well
^ awesome glad you could join should have more sizing info once everyone across the pond gets back in front of a computer Zippyh Mothball Tampatravel NamOR YoungM wooksb Andrel42 Kwhitelaw we are good to go now just waiting on the shoe healer to confirm the details
some sizing advice on the 4537 last from previous sf threads. trickers uses the 4537 lasts for their 1829 collection: Piccadilly, Belgrave, Kensington and Mayfair models. the roy boot will also be made on the 4537 last
the alden gunboat duhh
gotcha. has it been 2 years already!? oh my eff time flies
^ what changes?
excellent! ill shoot everyone a PM later this evening
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