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lucky! hoping customs expedites your pairs so you can enjoy the first day of the rest of your life with a vass shell boot
whadja geeeet ttown?
those are lovely. dont see much of that model around here
ooof thats tough. f last is slightly longer with a lower instep. both are lovely to look at and deserving of a "sexiest last of the year" awardr last has the more generous instep and is wider across the ball. basically if you cant fit f last, go with r. and once you have an f last, buy an r last boot to compare and enjoy with your favorite wine and cheese pairing [[SPOILER]] its a win, win, win, win, win, win to me
cant wait for Vass' new lasts, Im anxious, ready and ready to pull the trigger. really hoping its as loverly as I envision it to be
literally just yelled out "oh shit" in public. i feel ashamed but no regrets. are those u last? 360 goyser is a great complement to that sleek boot. well done sir, well done
ime, these will fit a 10D barrie wearers
thanks man! even cheaper now
^ should we hold this years fantasy draft in August? Yeah I don't understand the need for all the privacy..
drop to $299
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