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^ UK12.5 E in the nevis navy dover 606 last. wowzers
lets get this thread back on track with this nice makeup
stop the size 12 on 12 hate. we are but a very small group, lets stick together (just please dont send me anymore lowball offers and then tell me to fuck myself when i counteroffer with a figure closer to asking price). here, come here for a big hug. edit - all is forgiven
curse this ghost that haunts me to no end. Booooooo, booooooooo
yes definitely. you down? based on last years overwhelming interest, i am thinking of making 2 leagues, one with a $25 buy-in and another for $75. that way everyone can join, even those who like to take the balls and pull them down to the knees ill probably get something up off the ground last week of sept. btw, that al jeff draft pick worked out for you. dude was red hot toward the end of the year
dude has been low-balling my offerings ever since he showed up on this forum. I curse myself for sharing the same size as a Low Balls1
^You do know you'll have to pay asking price for them. Its a fair price but you still can't make absurd offers. In other words you can't send LOWBALL offers on this MTO and WASTE everyone's time, as you do on reasonably priced Carmina offered in B&S, you cheap fucking FUCK, you
ha, thats hilarious i would like to save that for future use
Yeah whiskey darkens relatively easily if you want it to. I brush my rider whiskey boots with the same brush used for #8/cigar and they are now a nice shade of Ravello
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