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those new jersey designs couldnt have helped their cause
to all the sf'ers who continuously voice their displeasure with the mighty sacramento kings and their blue ribbon front office, booyah! just signed the free agent of the summer: markus bellenenini. yah! fuck yah
^ do you see the irony there?
but why not just call it Shell like everyone else? EG needs to cut out this crup
fuck it sucks being a kings fan. cant even get overpay for a guy coming off an achilles injury
kings might join that list
lol that sucks for the morris twins. just last year suns management handled their free agency brilliantly allowing them to divy up a pool of $52 million over 4 years; ultimately getting markieff at a cheap $8million/year. Suns General Manager Ryan McDonough done kill them wi' their love
you're making valid points i just wish i got those scratches doing something rugged ala sf'er crat who uses his galways for fly fishing. i got my scratches from sitting on my ass, checking SF when date goes to bathroom. smh
New Posts  All Forums: