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Lovely cheesy movie of a man possessed by a horror film (on vhs) or was it the vcr? Has all the attributes of a cult film. I thought it was such a bad drama, so cheesy and stereotypical 80s (hold your cigarette whenever speaking) but as a satire it was wonderful
From outsiders?! Great cast. ReWatched it last weekend and spotted tom cruise for the first time
Isn't this movie like 3 hours long? I don't know if I was able to finish it
Help me buy more. Please see listings in sig
For your consideration is a pair of Edward Green Grasmere Captoe made from Horween "Brandy" or "Whiskey" Shell Cordovan. Built atop a double dainite rubber outsole with 360 goodyear storm welt and matching dark brown edge trim. Shoes have been worn but are in good condition. Shoes show some heel and toe drag but still have a lot of life life. Shell Cordovan uppers show some superficial markings and have a nice patina characteristic of well maintained uppers. No deep...
Because they still work with a busted screen? I had to use one for a week before I could get a replacement
and a Honda can look like a BMW when comparing some aspects of the headlights. There I said it, a Honda and BMW are alike. Now in 5 years, with the help of poor grammar and/or spelling someone could mistakenly "recall a time when Hondas were comparable comprable to BMW"
I had a dream that we got a 6th person for the cipresso boot. And then in the same dream I checked the thread and it was for an entirely different makeup. Maybe this too is a dream..
I'll send a couple of pms to anyone that has played in the past
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