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That's sweet!
Love that long coat but I have to penalize the fit a couple of points for the "collar pop". That's like the steroids of fit pics
ok just saw the pic, yeah these are "e" width. the bottom letter is usually width of the forefoot. lovely pair
are these uk size or us size? uk10.5? or us10.5D? super nice boot here
c width barrie? autokop mode for a 9.5
i know there is no "GMTO" but if we got enough people on a list for a certain shoe or (galway boot in blue utah), could a certain shoe boot shop just order it for their fall 2015 inventory? that navy utah calf is something special
thanks for the heads up. anyone successfully apply the SA TAKE25 code? purchased some already discounted WH trousers on sale and site wouldnt take the code
can someone tell me why everyone is raving over the Sage jacket? does the liner add heft to the chest area? do it look as good buttoned as un-buttoned? not much on the internet in the way of high NAMOR quality, well lit, fabric illuminating, detailed photographs. i feel like most online SS retailers sell their products short with poor photos that dont capture the pieces well. of the 2 that do though - neighbor and suspension point - only SP has the pieces that stand out...
^ heard the same thing about the rock and beeswax. i read that in the thread but im too lazy to dig through previous posts
make me an offer. i want to move this for a size 6
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