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What wurger said. Who will be the first?!?! I'm tempted to get an s-lasted boot
bro, so amazing and good, im resisting the urge to watch again today. this is definitely my favorite film of his. could you recommend something as good? i liked budapest, fantastic fox, moonrise etc, but this one takes the cake
Higher instep isn't a bad thing. I know for balmorals u-last can feel abnormally tight in the instep. Good excuse to visit Budapest. Man if I was in Europe id be in Budapest every spring. Would never need to guess sizing
didnt realize their were so many swedes on this forum/ig. guys know how to dress
@prurient post some updated pics!
when will they be worn?
i like the post, better than pre. but what prompted you to make the change, the difference can be considered marginal to many
oh shit, wizzeak is on the rover bandwagon. need to put in queue
they are excellent! i like the color too. Im would try them if only they were a little wider (in the toe, not across the ball) in a 45.5
looks great what size? if i was sub 10Uk id be all over k last
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