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ime, these will fit a 10D barrie wearers
thanks man! even cheaper now
^ should we hold this years fantasy draft in August? Yeah I don't understand the need for all the privacy..
drop to $299
^even with the tassel? i havent tried the tassel in a couple of years. id be curious to see if im tts in that last because 1/2 down was perfect
Vass certainly carries a certain charm. Everytime I see a new pair, I feel like having another Did the osloer boot get an Italian polish? They look great shined like that
fit looks good. nice choice
bro, putting on a pair of properly fitting g&g is an amazing experience! happens only once per shoe.
lol the pain is real, just remember to take deep breathes and stretch every 20 minutes. no these were a size 11. at the time i had a pair of 11e barrie chukkas that fit snug so i was hoping to get away with 11D barrie. didnt work out. my only regret is that i sold them new for slightly below retail. should have listed them for a $1,000,000. atleast
my goodness these look loverly. i could rub my cheek against that soft suede.
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