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those look great. what are the care instructions? dry clean or machine wash?
yah baby! perfect winter dress shoe
wadja git?for me vass sizing goes like this. all open lacing btw, and all shell cordovan45.5 u last45 f last45 p2 last44.5 r lastno experience with other lasts. also norvegese causes shoes to fit 1/4 to 1/2 sizes bigger ime
good week steveB. youre team definetely played well, i was pleasantly surprised. good job good luck to you idfnl, im not going to expect a W. ive learned the hard way to take nothing for granted
Thanks!!I haven't received te boots yet so it'll be probably another week before I can definetly answer but from the images suede looks buttery soft. I hope that is the case because I have no other experience with vass suede. And for r last I sized 1/2 down from my f an p2 size. Will comment on fit specifics too
Yeah they don't sew on the dainite instead use string adhesive. One of the downsides of going double dainite sole is that it isn't all that aesthetically pleasing. When i asked Kuti for a leather midsole, and stacked leather heel he was told by Head shoemaker that it wasn't possible. Atleast not with the way they are making them now
Thanks gents!!
^ looking forward to that. Sounds excellent
vass galway r last burgundy shell red brown suede double dainite
Richard and Michelle are fantastic. I want to order more shoes exclusively from them going forward if only for the sake of enjoying excellent customer service
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