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just once! and unlike cordovan wax, the shoe creme doesnt clump up so its easy to brush and even out to match color of shell
youre talking about the dry Giannis? yeah so far so good. I used brown saphir shoe cream (intended for calf) to fill in the dry abrasive shell and its worked great thus far
Lindrick worn maybe 100 times. Outsoles have softened up. Comfortable like new alden double leather oiled
Come back!
It's very simple actually. You're spending 1k+ on boots. Which would you have? What's strange and also surprising is how Viberg was seemingly overlooked for the longest time on this thread and now are so popular, that their shell boots - if you're lucky enough to find a pair- are same price as the venerable English boot company that can make a pretty rugged boot themselves
Would you rather......... A $1k+ viberg boot of your choice OR A $1k+ Calfskin Edward Green boot (I.e. Galway or Nevis)
Sunny day in SF:
this is a deal! come on guys!
Mike Miller played all 82 games for the Grizzlies for only the second time in his career his rookie season with Orlando in 2000-01. He became only the 23rd player in NBA history to play a full season in his 14th season or later. ... great news considering her nearly retired two years ago due to a bad back. so many great matchups this year
i heard the same. coincidentally, I felt the same way way about avatar and yet was blown away that I watched it several times in theatres.
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