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no scarves here, too warm! ill be glad if it gets cool enough to wear a wool coat
last call for the Trickers Navy Cordovan Roy Bootwe already have 9 participants but if youre interested shoot me a PM [[SPOILER]]
^ with 11.5d (thin sock)you get a little toe pinching especially after 8 hours on your feet. The 11.5e feels like the toe box is too tall and the added width girth all around resembles a Barrie looking boot, and with 12d it feels a little big everywhere and slightly long but a medium-thick sock will fill up that space easily so what are we having this evening? Oh btw, the 11.5e is unavailable I'm a ditz and didn't bother to read that on the specials menu
as for the navy shell gmto, im going with my 4497 size, 1/2 down from alden barrie, 1 down from us size
now it fucking makes sense. calf longwings do not fit larger than shell longwings. only longwings on the 4444 fit larger than 2298 longwings. yeeee
orange is 4497 last uk11 while the green is 4444 last uk10.5 Tricker's Expert!! could you shed some light or offer a little insight why the barbour welts are so starkly different in size? both in the actual size of the barbour leather "bead", stitching used, and the why one welt is far more "prominent" than the other?
burgundy 2298 last, blue 4497 last. i would say the 4497 last fits about 1/4 bigger than the 2298
well this advice helped alot. thank you so much trickers expert. this morning i woke up thinking the trickers mogano shell cordovan boots were made on the 4497 last but they are in fact made on the 2298 last. the 2298 feels a little short for me, perhaps because of the slanted nose. the blue captoes are on the 4497 and while fit a little generous are far more comfortable. i wish i knew this before placing an order for the cipresso boot gmto which was made on the 2298
i think actually the official name for that color is "moss" here is the "cone jacket". also from the frozen waves collection
oh yeah. for some reason when i read "tan" in the title and "khaki" i thought more like camel. yeah its like an olive moss
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