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wow hove in wide fitting tg73 is kinda perfect for that shoes. did not know that they made the split toe in shell. would love to see pick if anyone here buys them
My packages have always arrived to my address
EV delivers
this is a good place. they might know http://www.styleforum.net/t/131495/random-fashion-thoughts/99700_100#post_7380170
why are you asking that question in this thread? are they G&G?
CJ made a u throat for BB last year. nice makeup
this is a great shoe. the harrogate is reminiscent of my JL william and with the modifications you proposed would look very much alike
the gianni has the metal eyelets and metal hook combo. lindrick is all eyelets
thanks for the info, i dont intend to try this but im intrigued by the process would you please keep us posted? this is next level DIY stuff
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