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12 managers is more competitive ime. biggest issue, with 10 there are always good players on the wire, more adds and drops as a result too, just my experience and ive enjoyed the dynamic of a 12 team league alot more
Yeah orange boots with orange laces would be good "custom" collab
lets just do orange and black if the Giants sweep
pacific, 8:45 eastern Sun Oct 26 5:45pm PDT Draft room will open 15 min before draft time
Bros they are a steal for the quality. These would retail for $400+ ish if they were branded acne or MMM
Glad to help. With another glance I notice that my previous pic made the boot look a little lighter than it really is. More accurate: Also, after both pics were taken I sprayed down the pair with some red wing water proof spray and it darkened them a few shades. Slightly darker is easier to wear imo Did Mention these things are light! Super light and comfy I'll probably wear these the rest of the week
damn, its already SNS season. where did the summer go
wear them like you would a CP or MMM sneaker. the suede and contrasting welt along with the black ripple wedge makes it really casual. go with the sizing advice on the item page and yeah best part about them is they can be resoled. and the wedge sole is pretty comfy. more comfortable than my vibram wedge shoes
grey chukkas are great. ordered a pair and love them
wow, nice guys. can i ask who offered the wingtip boot? this is the C&J mto makeup?
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