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make me an offer. i want to move this for a size 6
your combo makes me want to sip on egg nog and listen to burl ives. the round apron looks good here with this grain. im a big flan
Little late love this combo very nice
Beautiful boots shoulda. That saddle looks darker than some of the recent whiskey. Saddle usually has an orangish glow but your pair is also darker. Very rich color
Poor purple lizard :-/
@RogerP id like to revise my answer. boot in same size and last is bigger than shoe. about 1/4 sizes big. having worn the flast boots twice now, theyve stretched out a little and now im wearing them with a very thin vass insole
i need to do some reading. so according to stretch provision, pistons can pay his 2 year contract over an extended period of time? and what if he is picked up after he clears? pistons would still pay him the entire amount or the difference between new team contract and pistons contract?
bae stands for what? the minimum?
damn interesting development indeed you have to wonder if he was so good why pistons couldnt get anything in return. dude needs to be in the perfect environment for him to succeed and not also hurt his team
lol Josh Smith just got waived. has this ever happened before? dude is owned 27 million after the year edit-praise christ idfnl doesnt own him saves us many, many rants
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