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240 last made by C&J is the 240 last a Brooks Brothers only last? cant recall seeing it on other shoes, maybe also RL?
I began adherring to the the 1 shoe in, 1 shoe out policy at around 40 pairs. I think I have 60 pairs now.
Those are slick. Nice score
drop! to $475
lol the warriors and spurs have changed the way i appreciate the sport. yes he made it, but why did Kobe take such a bad shot? its fitting that on the night the warriors went 15-0 (or was it 16-0) playing team ball, they knocked out the lakers in just 3 quarters. Kobe shot 1-14 from the floor (1-7 from 3). And how fitting that Luke Walton, as coach of warriors beat the Lakers and his former teammate Kobe. The same teammate that scored 81 points without assisting a single...
That record is coming down this year. Zero signs of slowing down, they are beating teams in just 3 quarters. only Klay has been slow to start the year.
100% they beat the record. 100% Team is better, individual players improved, west rivals down off a notch Only thing that worries me is they haven't really played any good teams. If they get out of 2015 with less than 3 losses they beat the record
^ nice ullswater jk
the suns color commentator... snooze
If anyone picked up the jl Scott in uk11 from the sale, and it doesn't work out please let me know
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