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so many great quotes in that film, beautiful script to enjoy. this one popped out for the first time: “Where were you last night?” “…That’s so long ago, I don’t remember.”
The gift that keeps on giving
Ha!Great article, thanks for posting. Nice pics too!
about 10 wears on them? the r last fits my fit (a little pinky pinch my wider left foot) on my great so no creasing whatsoever across the vamp. i installed the plastic toe taps on this pair. these feet are good for walking and little else. cant even walk evenly. tisk thank you, thank you
thanks roger! vass outdid themselves here. when i first made the request for a valway i was not specific with the captoe. admittedly, i overlooked that detail entirely so I was thrilled when I saw that vass was able to build the uppers from a single piece of shell with a faux captoe. my hats off to them
^ thanks. the uppers are made from a single piece of shell cordovan with a faux captoe stitch
Polished up thee ole valway in burgundy shell
^speaking of which jhcam offering a beautiful Ravello CJ PTB for less than $400 size 10.5
gorgeous. the "polo" shell ptbs are sublime
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