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you always impress with your makeups. youve got a fan here waiting patiently for picsx2
you da man!aaaand we now have a full league of 12 peeps. thanks to everyone who signed up and sent in their monies
youre good, this is only your first comeback
This is great news! Which color?
god damnit, that reminds me. why did GSW have to fire mark jackson? fuck. kerr for jackson is a shitty trade off for the viewer. they couldnt hire hubie or doug c?
eric bledsoe in a nutshell
first time hearing of this jared cunningham fellow
the dark horse team from last year has joined! your team was great last year, glad youre back
you might get your way in the end draft time:Sun Oct 26 5:45pm Pacific, 8:45 EasternDraft room will open 15 min before draft timeI would update the thread title with draft time but i can no longer edit OP
New Posts  All Forums: