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boot is 341 last tits tts. the monkton fits like a US12.5 or a wide 12
Holy shit Cwebb doesn't look high
Wiz vs PDX in the finalsssss
Twas visually appealing to me very much. Dem high high pants!
That reminds me, I need to rewatch Her. That may have been my favorite too. I remember being so engaged that I watched it entirely in the edge of my seat. Great story and direction, visiually appealing too
No love for American Hustle? Blue Jasmine? Finally watched frozen after buying into the hype. Great animation but story was tired and predictable. Let it Go was highlight imo but was under impression or would be sung in the final third of the song.
Great find longknives. Those have to be us sizes. No way mens size 42it, us32
When I created the shell cordovan thread I called it Pr0n and it's amazing how much arrangement of two letters matter
Lol, I was browsing this page from laptop the other day. My girlfriend walked over and asked me what kind of porn I was into, at which point I had to open the tab and explain to her I was looking at shoes. She looked surprised and then clarified her question: no, what kind of porn do you watch? It's just a sticky mess now
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