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Wow an incredibly unique pair. Congrats
One of a kind for sure. Congrats moo!
If you're looking for a new pair of JL, You'd be crazy not to kop a pair right now from bespoke England. I've never see new JL this cheap
I spy a new pair of CJ for bb shell wingtips!!!!
With a name like Porzingis, it has to be good
We can barely get any rain. If we also had snow we'd barely know what to do with ourselves. We only wear our boots for show and only on Sunday day. Water spots, eeeks!
Fire!!!!!! Great pics sir
i had it listed last year for like $200 or $250?.. no one kopped and by then my senses returned to me.
dude i havent worn the plain jacket in over a year!!!! when i pulled the merino out to take photos i saw the plain jacket sitting on the ground all by itself :/
hello, yes its been listed i dont want to detract from the thread but ive posted measurements of this size 6 merino
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