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gorgeous. someone buy them, this is a great price
the olive is so nice. always thought ToJ did olive lamb very well
saw this carmina shoe described as "semi-brogue" online: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/frontpage/products/carmina-semi-brogue-brown what constitutes a full brogue vs semi-brogue? does a medallion factor into the discussion at all or is it about the punching? and where its located (heal counter, vamp, lacing throat, etc)
nice, looks a little paler than im used to but super nice
looks like vintage pine @sacafotos, i agree!
omg those are awesome. never doubt the mh71 they look like @j ingevaldsson new pair
lovely shoes!
these kinds of posts are especially obnoxious. all you needed to do was post a sale yourself, and it would have been "back on track" earlier. youre no better than the donut eating fuckers
yeah wasnt considering fees at time of purchase :/
unless youre an idiot like me. in my haste to purchase a pair from skoak, i used my bank cc and got dinged another $22. damnnnit
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