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i just dropped this guy for mosgov. when he gets PT, dude is a beast
dont do it! its the last size and once its gone youll never find one like it again. dont get it, its probably even cooler in person like most SS pieces are
^ i concur. i think u last works amazing as a wingtip
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Trickers-size-8-Cipresso-Cordovan-Chicago-Step-in-loafer-on-a-leather-sole-/181596940620?pt=UK_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item2a4805694c incredible loafers. having seen an apron loafer like that made with so few shell pieces. this is a gorgeous shoe
ive overcome my aversion to big white centers. mosgov is playing at a high level and mcgee is hurt again. mosgov is just doing work
insteller; cant remember the last time i walked out of a theatre feeling this good about a movie. looking forward to watching it again soon hopefully in an imax
Pau is also up there. Bulls need to drop rose and move on with this core of pau, Noah, and butler. Dude is the equivalent of wade you don't know when he'll play or what to expect from him when you do. Def the best of this draft up there with faried(don't know what nuggets are doing). Coincidently same thing happened last year to faried and finished in top 60 anyways
Less talk more action you poon. Bet me next time. And Hells yeah to J.butler being the best steal of the draft. I hope he can stay healthy, would love to see him land that payday
How bet dem kings. J-Thompson did his thing going for 0-??? in 30+ minutes however Ant Davis finished with only 14 points. Yes please.
^ lovely piece indeed. need to be rain thin to make it work. the layered zip/botton opening can make belly/chest look artificially large
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