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Captoes looks great p2 last?
Love the current season shirts especially the fuzzy green one. One thing I dsike about his shirts however is their button stance which, from the placement of the highest button almost forces you to wear it buttoned up. I like wearing shirts with 2 bottoms unnoticed but it's too high
barbour has done some great collabs with tokihito and norton. otherwise dont see anything special about them
Brother sent me a youtube link of an inspirational speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Great vid and message if you havent seen it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH0nP4NzS9M He also mentioned his hurdle into acting and how his accent helped make "ill be back" one of the most famous movie quotes of all time. WHich got me to thinking of the best quotes of all time. And sure enough the AFI list of films is pretty damn...
@SoGentboth are gorgeous. could you provide a pic of boot in the wild? are they both on F last?
yessir. i got the same message. said half will go on vacay and then other half will follow
exceptional. you ordered two pairs? are both pairs on p2 last?@Roguls
how did these come out. love the non-captoe shannon@CHRK33
fantastic write-up Ben. i agree 100%
^duh. Should we do ucap boot or wingtip?
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