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great stuff 3d
Double strap edward green boot 89 last stitched captoe unlined shaft bellows tongue haf sole metal eyelets baaaaaaaah
i need to watch that one too. thanks for the heads up! my first chaplin film was "in the gold rush". remarkable how good humor holds up
charlie chaplin city lights. the last scene melted by god damn heart royal tenenbaums. loved this wish id seen it sooner. reminds me a lot of arrested development
thanks! last boot is eg for asprey bootthanks. love the veldt boots!
great price
jacket has sold
I don't worry about. 202, 606, 64, 82 all same size, all fit well all have varying degrees of lacing "openness"
i know right? boooooo, boooo. nothing but high quality menswear shoes, and more shoes at only 60% +. i dont have a grown up job yet, but i do ill be looking at his stuff asap once i move out of mom's basement and get a big boiiii job
New Posts  All Forums: