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Should work now
leffot sale is active;decent prices. i like the shannon XI makeups. nothing as good as whats in my sig though
^ damn that noticeable? Would a camera pick up the differences even? You made te first mistake of cleaning them
Oh shit get ready for a heavy dose of Steve b this season
came across this listing of the p2 longwing from nmwa (great reference pics btw) when it triggered a memory of the new vass smell [[SPOILER]]
great stuff. nice pics
did you just kop these? just fantastic! congrats
nice! which last is this?
these are sweet; cognrats! the 184 is a lovely last toe shape reminds me alot of the 888. 184 is super comfortable more than the 888 ime but im basing that on a comparison of a loafer (184) and monk (888)
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