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reference jacket sold
why you got to be like that?
anyone with experience with the llubi last? came out last year havent seen it much. cant find fit info anywhere
I just got chills thinking of band of brothers. I so badly want to re-watch it again but im holding off for as long as possible so i can recapture that sensation of my first viewing (or come as close to it as possible)
fuck me, i watched the apartment for a second time last night and it was even better than i remembered it
hal takes exception
Thanks @SoGent!!! I tried posting this a few damn ago but damn SF hasn't allowed me too. I love the just juxtaposition of the u last with that beefy stitching. Looking forward to fit pics
Even at 595 they couldn't keep it in stock
I think last I saw it was 660
^ @eddievddr10 has size 13 Lindrick available
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