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40 days 40 nights was a totally under appreciated rom-com. Surprisingly good IMO with a great number of one liners. Made 10 years ago but has aged very well. Another plus filmed in SF, I'm sure lefty is a big fan of this one
Thanks for the feedback. I saw your picture of you wearing a shirt and the fit isn't all too different. I feel you on the sleeves, to me on a 7 the sleeves feel too big. I'm tempted to get the body of the SS slimmed down. Size 6 might also fit well but my shoulders are most comfortable in a 7. Never thought I'd have so much trouble sizing this jacket but its in part because I want so much fit to work
Lovely photo, nice background. This is size 6? You enjoy the fit? Looks big in the same way my size 7 fits big. But I might have just become used to nipple popping tight clothesHmm I notice the sweater. How do you like it with just a shirt?
^ that sounds fantastic. i think you will love the fit its definitely my favorite "country" last
blemish is god damn annoying hope you guys had better luck
one full size down from true size. 1/2 down from barrie
also i dont see a reason to ever got back to 4497 or 4444.. the 2298 is the most un-trickers-like last ive tried on a boot and I like it very much. 4444 is too big all around while the 4497 is loose everywhere but then too short in the toes. great stuff anyone interested in a make-up on a soft square last? maybe in a blue shell cordovan?
did the thorpe sell out already?
Well fuxk my ass gentlemen I got dinged for $95 duty parcel force/USPS. I trust that the rest of the gmto assholes were sparred. I was fuxking jazzed about about this now I'm only fucking slightly excited
The 2298 fits great!!
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