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Richard and Michelle are fantastic. I want to order more shoes exclusively from them going forward if only for the sake of enjoying excellent customer service
tell me about it. in my other league i have Pau, T.Jones, Rubio, not to mention underpeforming lebron and drummond. Pau was taking care of us before though. Bulls will probably crank down his minutes after he comes down. oh well
@SteveB great matchup this week. i can see it going either way this week. @idfnl looking ahead to next week. bet $20? rematch of last years finals?
no wonder they look so great; youre not using vass lasted shoe trees! kidding aside, these look gorgeous
farhad, lovely boots they look right at home
you lucky bastard! looking forward to pics!
also, ulast looks great in that size. would you mind sharing size and width? i could only wish it looked good like that in 45.5 f
gorgeous work. remarkable for shell cordovan. what was the issue to begin with?
damn dude more good stuff i dont know what to do with myself
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