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Dude dominated in the last 6 minute. Blocks, 2 сlutch threes, alley oops passes (!3!). I have him in one league and after starting hot in the first, went quite until the beast mode kicked in Deandre has got to be losing sleep on this one. How are you not aware with the game on the line?
last second collapse of pete carroll like proportions https://mtc.cdn.vine.co/r/videos/705826307B1185151362816933888_3a63013aece.1.5.8734756407950042659.mp4?versionId=.nYZJJohc9ith3c4HuUBcyhljKQ2ztWA heart breaking to watch them give the game away like that. batum though..
thank you! those were from from frans boone. i believe they currently have a brown shell version on their site
^ both look great. the rain wingtip is perfect some burgundy shell cordovan variance here too: l-r trickers, vass, alden, alden, alden, meermin (old), carmina, crockett & jones
This bad lakers team is so much more better looking without kobe: more activity away from the ball, more transition plays, etc. I can't imagine anyone wanting to play with the black hole !whiteside! The ball gobbler
yeah hand wash is the way to go for all of the RRL selvedge pants. I usually just fill up a deep sink with warm water and a drop of detergent. basically recreate a spin cycle with your hands. and continute that for 3-4 minutes. alternate directions every minute or so.i wouldn't purposely this myself but ive always admired the way yours look.
shame those are nearly perfect
looks great. what modifications did vass make on your bespoke last? and how would you compare the fit to your other vass shoes, specifically those on the f last?
for a shit talker, you leave too much of your info on the web. took less than a minute to find out who you are. good luck
people buy his ebay shit and help feed this man. has plenty of clothes, may or may not live in a cardboard box
New Posts  All Forums: