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A few more light brown/dark tan suede boots.
oh god lets not get distracted by comparing one shoe makers suede color to anothers. Batches of same suede from the same shoemaker varies even. i simply posted the G&G light brown suede and natural suede to a "feel" for the uwing boot would look.
polo suede and edge trim would resemble this pair of G&G belonging to Mr. Leaves:
how so? im interested in what you have in mindthe uwing boot design is already without a medallion and the the edges are cut in perfectly straight edge, no pinking
+1. context is everything. im sure SF'ers dressed in "business casual" have been charged with being overdressed. in this light, the ucap is a dressy boot, nothing short of "fancy". switch the laces to bar lacing I I I I or crosses X X X and all of a sudden youre a dandy.with that said, i find the ucap works well with both casual cotton chinos and wool dress slacks. as a balmoral boot, its far more versatile than a sleeked captoe bal boot
this is a fantastic idea! with a natural or light brown edge trim?edit-how many do we need to make this gmto a GO?
nice! im wearing the green herringbones right now and they have softened nicely over the past year. i dont pre-soak any of my chinos just wear them as much as you can. if thee thigh feels tight (too tight to be worn in public without feeling too self-conscious) just try and wear them in home as much as you can before hand. the defintely will loosen up
yes! my opponent dropped him in one of my leagues. he would have made up the difference and then some. yessssssss cant wait for the nfl season to be over with. love me some sunday bball
thats actually the first stat i looked at after seeing klays outburst. and to be honest im a little underwhelmed that curry had only 11 assists. the klay from last year was typically a catch and shot player but this year he is doing a much better job of creating his own shot using 2-3 dribbles. klay has turned into the baby-faced beast!
New Posts  All Forums: