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What difference between oe2?http://m.ebay.com/itm/MTO-Laszlo-Vass-Old-English-II-61-Dark-Brown-Calf-Scotchgrain-F-Last-/400288320541
How does segment jacket fit?
Has anyone seen that exact makeup but as a bal boot?
very nice @ThinkDerm
Whaaaa? all those posts about hell, trolling this thread for how long now, and you dont even own a pair? GTFO!!!!!!you need atleast 5 pairs before you can have the balls to post asinine comments worthy of unsubscribe statusedit - congrats btw. i hear eg makes good shoes
beautiful. would love to kop in my size
^ def go dark oak shannon over vintage rioja canterbury. my opinion at least
^ dude can you imagine if we were allowed to bring a handful of items with us? handsdown would bring a horsehair brush and shoe polish. id finally have time to get that spit shoe shine
oh man those are bangin'
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