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love these. how are they holding up ryden?what do you think of the shell?
oh yeah i recall reading something about that. I dont know if i can tell the difference between the 2 tbh. very, very similar to the untrained eye. and the trained eye
what are you thinking of ordering? from EB?
not mahogany but some brandy whiskey shell cordovan
hey just saw this. i noticed that you said that the 24th didnt work? so effectively eliminated half the weekend, the weekend before season starts. and the next best time on sunday evening also doesnt work? for you or your co-manager?lets hold off eliminating any more time slots that weekend until some others have spoken
nice! wore mine the other day. very comfy
yeah the shell version was a taller boot
lovely, i think crockett and jones calls it the galway boot http://www.crockettandjones.com/product/galway-darkbrown and the makeup for POLO RL gianni in Scotchgrain Flat welt, medway ridgeway sole (?), scotchgrain, no pull tab
how are the feet? any growth there?
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