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My jacket arrived today, so I'm throwing up some fit pics and looking for advice on any changes needed. This is my first leather jacket, but to my eye the length seems to be good as is. It's a size M/L. For reference, I'm around 5'10'', 160 lbs, 39'' chest, 33'' waist.
I've been out of the country for a couple of years, I'm glad to see you guys are still going strong. I just placed an order for the denim jacket and heavy weight western shirt
I take terrible photos, so this is probably worthless. Anyways, here are a couple of the cotton-linen blouson. It's definitely a relaxed fit, but I went TTS and I really like it. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the input guys. I'm inclined to agree with both of you. I think the reason I was having trouble deciding is because both seem a bit off...
Alright styleforum, I've got a question for you guys. I've never worn sunglasses before, so I'm pretty much oblivious to how they are supposed to fit. I picked up a couple pairs of Randolph Engineering aviators in sizes 55 and 58 hoping I'd just know which was the right size, but I can't decide which pair to keep and which to send back. The smaller pair feels a bit more snug/secure (and thus less likely to fall off if I, say, trip or something), but the stems also seem to...
I've got a pair of the chukka version of those. The leather is tough as shit.There are work oxfords I like better (Viberg), but at the price point I think the Beckmans are a pretty good deal (especially since they're easy to get on sale).
New jacket! Yay spring!
I just got my first Engineered Garments piece, the navy corduroy type 5 jacket, from Tres Bien today. I’ve been a fan of EG for a while now, but never got around to pulling the trigger. It’s surprisingly light weight, which is good for me. I’m a few inches shorter than their model and I sized up to a large, so it’s not all cropped like it looks in their shots. The fit is great, though maybe a touch long in the sleeves. Anyways, I’m impressed, and hopefully I’ll be able to...
I've slept on it and I'm still thinking this is pretty cool:
I'm assuming the response was aimed at the clip SvB posted. The dude's speech was a historical fantasy about how great the U.S. used to be before the gains of civil rights and feminism.
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