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Hello, would you mind giving measurements for the boots? width and length of the outsole (and insole, if possible). Thanks!
Hope this isn't considered bad form, but it seems pretty relevant: If anyone's interested, I'm selling a pair of these in 11.5 EE on ebay.
I'm selling a couple of pairs of nice boots that didn't fit me. Buy it Now for free shipping with either pair (US only). ' Wolverine 1000 Mile Garrison Montgomery Boots 12D] LL Bean Katahdin Iron Works Engineer boots 11.5 EE, Wide, L.L. Bean Boot 11 1/2
These boots were released in 2010 as part of Wolverine's "Garrison" line in the heritage "1000 Mile" collection. The boots aren't in the original box, but come with the Wolverine 1000 Mile polishing cloth. These boots retail for $250. They've got amazingly soft, supple leather, and are very comfortable - even though they're pretty serious boots, they feel almost light on your feet. They're used, but have barely been worn. I wish I could keep these things, they are...
LL Bean Katahdin Iron Works Engineer boots, Made in the USA by Chippewa, mens size 11.5 EE. These are really, really nice boots. These have a very comfortable Chippewa foam/gel insole, and great, barely worn Vibram soles with lots of life left. Not very worn, but well broken in with no stiffness. I'm not the original owner (I just bought these on eBay last month, but the size didn't work out) but these are pre-owned (broken in, but definitely not thrashed or worn very...
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