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I'm selling Ralph Lauren wingtips in Size 10D. (Sanderson tan burnished calf.)
My experience differed from the original poster in about every way possible. Just received an order that took 2.5 weeks to arrive (with Cottonwork I had been accustomed to 4 or 5 week turnarounds--this is by far the quickest I've received an order.) The pattern matching seems just fine. Buttons, not so good, but that's always been the case. And the measurements were on point. Not so happy about the prices--was excited to see I could order linen shirts, but none below...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang After consulting Fat Tony, I've decided to keep the placket as is. I think the sleeve length looks perfect to me. All we ask from you is perfection.
For those who requested fit pics, here's my polo. Got the large and love the fit (i'm 5'11" 165 lbs., usually get shirts in a medium or small). I love the shirt, the collar, the feel of it, everything. Fit-wise, I only wish the sleeves were a bit longer. Feel like the shirt is trying to show off biceps that I don't have. Also, I'm trying to figure out how to rock the royal blue without looking like I work at best buy. Looking forward to the striped polos.
PM sent on mabitex
Quote: Originally Posted by CousinDonuts What kind of material? If it's lighter like a poplin then you're gonna wrinkle a ton, no matter if it's $59 from CW or $400 from Gucci. You're probably right. The dobby shirt wrinkles an insane amount. Is this to be expected from dobby? (I searched but couldn't find an answer to this). The other is oxford, which doesn't wrinkle as much as the dobby shirt. Which fabrics tend to be the least prone to...
Agreed. In fact, I washed my pair in hot water and threw it in the dryer in an attempt to shrink it (my pair fit a little big) and it did not shrink at all.
Was just about to post to the cottonwork thread. Guess I'll post here instead: Anyone else notice their cottonwork shirts wrinkle real easily? I have 2 cottonwork shirts, love the fit of both. However they have a tendency to wrinkle. I'll leave in the morning with a crisp, ironed shirt and it's a wrinkled mess before lunch. It's a shame because I love everything else about the shirts.
Slim fitting chinos with a there such a thing? if so, where can I buy?
Have you been hitting the gym? Discovered that when I overtrain, I develop an eye twitch.
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