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Could I get a fit check on this jacket? I got this wool EG andover from the FS section, and even though it's a Small, it's too long in the arms, right? I'm just worried getting it altered would not be a simple affair. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanmnguyen Lol @ 2nd picture, looks like you are getting ready to kick me through my monitor. Erryone prolly gonna tell you to size down on your jeans. Yea, I was just trying to show the boots, but it came out like a half-assed crane stance.
My 2nd WAYWT post (ignore the bedhair.) Just got the TOJ shirt from the FS section and the boots from ebay. I'd really like feedback because I'm trying to learn.
I'm looking for a cropped duffle coat (with tan or white toggles) somewhere in $0-$240. I'm having a lot of trouble finding anything in stock.
Cotton Herringbone jacket. I don't know anything about the quality of OBEY. Thoughts?
I'm looking for a Navy/White or Black/White horizontal striped, long-sleeve shirt (sailor shirt.) Any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cheese1 EDIT: and deliciousfruit the shoes need to be broken in so they don't have that "brand new" look about them, as do the pants, but I like the jeans. Yea, I just got the jeans and shoes 2 days ago, so I have a lot of breaking in to do. But damn, I didn't know the jacket was awful. What about it looks bad? I don't have an eye for these things.
First post here. Up until a week ago, I only wore ill-fitting t-shirts or Old Navy stuff from 5 years ago. I did some research here and on blogs, and bought some clothes for fall off ebay. Jacket: J Crew Shirt: Gap Shoes: Generic Surplus, added leather shoelace Pants: Levi's 514 Raw Selvedge Worker Jeans Gloves: ? found around the house Headphones: 1933 S.G. Brown Type K, replaced the drivers I'm really new to this "style" thing, so please let me know if...
New Posts  All Forums: