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Can anyone recommend a yellow raincoat with a hood for tropical weather? Looking to spend under $200. Thanks.
I'm looking for a lightweight raincoat with a hood. All colors welcome.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ideefixee @Delicious: Ooh. I like. What's the vest? Barbour polarquilt waistcoat. I got the idea from the quilted vests EG put out this year. Barbour also makes this vest:
Quote: black and brown don't look good The vest is olive and pants are gray; I had trouble capturing the color.
Lookin dope AFL. Third WAYWT pic; pants are big and my collar is messed up. Other than that, what do you guys think?
Added BB shirt, drops on vest and boots.
Quote: also, deliciousfruits, excellent kop on those aes. i think they were discontinued in '99 or '01, i forget which. Yea, thanks man; I was really excited about finding these. The owner said he bought them in '01. They are a 9.5 US, if they don't fit, I'll put them up in the FS section.
Allen Edmonds from ebay
Added Barbour Vest and Bruno Magli boots
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