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Hey Prada, thanks a lot. I have one more question, are all American Apparel shirts on the longish side? Are Alternative Apparel shirts cut shorter?
Thanks Prada, I'll be sure to size up as I hear they shrink a bit. Do you know anything about tri-blend?
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo American Apparel. How athletic are you? Nothing crazy: 5'8", 11" drop. It looks like there a bunch of AA tees on there, I'm just looking for basic white tees for hot, humid summers; is this what I'm looking for? Or what is 'baby rib'? Has anyone tried the summer shirts?
Are there any decent-fitting T-shirts for athletic builds on
Canvas on the left, suede on the right. Or some other gray oxford?
Yea, unfortunately only the light gray ones are left. I was hoping someone on here would have them in Cement, Tan, Brown, or some other color.
You know the ones just sitting in your closet, collecting dust after that Gilt sale? I'll take them off your hands. I've bought and sold through these forums without any problems, and I can provide references.
Damn, none of this fits; that jil sander shirt is dope!
PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo Marc by Marc Jacobs. Try to find it on sale Are you talking about this one that popped up on the FS section? I really liked it, but wish it had a hood on it. Did he make a version with a hood?
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