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This coat is mine You guys nailed the alterations! Look forward to receiving it, hope the fit is as great as it looks. Thanks for the flexibility I had some very precise requests . If the fit is good I'll probably come back for a brown one as well.
I own all these colours and this is by far the best colour reference image I have seen posted in this thread.
No, red cognac is quite red. 6125 is much closer to the picture, but a little redder I would say. The picture looks to fall right in between 6125 and antique cognac
Wow, nice make-up looks like i found my next order
This has to be some kind of joke. Of course they won't take them back. If you were returning based on the scratch, which would be legitimate, you would have to have done so before wearing them. Wanting to return a pair of shoes because they have creased is just plain stupid. If you are unsure on sizing, don't buy online.
what Vass has in it's stock is pretty random. Most people don't seem to understand that Vass is not a large commercial operation like e.g. EG.Vass is much closer to a traditional artisan, you have to take the time to develop a solid relationship with the Vass people if you really want to get the best out of them. This takes time, but you will be rewarded with the best RTW shoes anywhere at very low prices.Otherwise it is much better to go through one of the established...
Arch support?!?What does that mean, does Vass do non flat insoles?
lol that opening date has been slipping for months now, typical Hungary Since I'm currently commuting to Budapest, I'll try to be there for the opening so hopefully I can beat you to it
Looks more like 6125 to me, not antique cognac. I own both colours myself.
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