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Definitely not F, my guess would be U last
I'm so glad Luxire has decided to spend a day in Oslo for an upcoming trunk show. I have already booked a slot. A rare opportunity in what is otherwise a total sartorial wasteland
I wear rain 0,5 size smaller than forest. Rain 8, Forest 8,5. Rain at 8 is a pretty tight fit initially but brakes in nicely after a while. I have a relatively wide foot across the ball. Forest at 8,5 is smidge too long but I need the extra width.
Lol, if you all think I'm crazy, I must be crazy I guess we can agree that we all love great shoes
I do actually agree with both of you and I am not assuming that the work being done is equal between the brands I mentioned. What I was trying to convey is that I would gladly consider paying 4000 USD for a pair of bespoke Yohei Fukuda shoes vs. 440 EUR for a pair of MTO Vass. This obviously implies that I consider the Yohei Fukuda pair to have significant advantages over a pair of Vass. In the case of Fukuda this is primarily the way he designs his models and the...
Jort at the office
Then your tone doesn't match you intent
Hmm I'm not sure where in my post I am equating Vass with Fukuda. These are very different products merely by the fact that Yohei Fukuda offers a fully bespoke process. I am merely stating that for me Yohei Fukuda is currently the only maker that I would consider as an alternative to Vass, well knowing that the price is close to 10 fold, ergo the value must be equally greater. Although I'm not sure that quality as defined only as strength of construction and quality of...
A couple of new pics on these. These will quickly become my favorite pair of Vass shoes. The U last remains my favorite last of any high end shoe I've seen and the quality is just outstanding. The color on these is fantastic I love how subtle the antiquing is. I will definitely be ordering the other museum colors. Fit is great out of the box. I went 0,5 size smaller than previous orders and that was the right decision, I hope they don't stretch out too much. Dealing...
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