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Uh YES to this... I actually LOVE the Ashland fit.
Thanks so much for checking back, ironically enough I was just there yesterday and picked up the only Medium, the odd shade of tan is what attracted me to it, definitely a spring appropriate brown, which is a color I typically only wear in the fall so this hue of brown kind of changes that for me.They received that second shipment late last week, which is why you didn't see it the first time around, the floral aviator was bonkers in person.
I would go with either regular postage through their foreign post office and USPS which will almost ensure no duties or FedEx because they will be tactful enough to bill you later... Avoid UPS at all costs, last time I ordered through Frans Boone it actually defaulted to UPS and when the delivery guy came he would not give me the package unless I wrote him a check or just randomly gave him my credit card# which he would scribble on a post it, I ended writing him a check...
Thanks so much for saving me the trip... AmRag is slated to receive the tan one but for some odd reason they haven't received it, may have to go overseas for it if I want to complete my collection (have olive & light blue).
@mbaum ... Quick question for you, when you were at American Rag did you by chance see the "End on End" Banded collar shirt in the tan/brown color? Any help you can provide would be helpful. Below is a Loftman link of the shirt in question... https://eq.loftman.co.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=1284
I hate when I miss TBB's new stock, some of their exclusives sell out in less than a day... Really wanted that olive ripstop Dayton.
No need to look further and definitely no need to hoard Occult's inbox... The Magista is essentially sold out everywhere (including the leads).
Mind if I get a couple leads via pm kind sir?
CNCPTS in Boston still has Black Magista's left, sadly I don't know a single person in Boston as it's in-store only.
Was able to grab 2 out of 3 pairs I wanted from the EGxVans collab via e-mail yesterday, got the White and the Tan but struck out on Navy, sadly one is a 10.5 and the other is an 11, if one or both don't work out I'll post it here for those that missed out.
New Posts  All Forums: