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My BF order is currently on unfulfilled status and I wanted to see about giving the Dune Expo a shot, do you all typically just e-mail somebody to add an item onto an order or do you just pay for a different order entirely and deal with the extra shipping cost?
Hahaha... Thread Police going full force tonight.
Some dudes are on their cell phone whilst having dinner with their in-laws and need a quick answer... Thanks to those who helped, will pass and wait on more Curve U-Neck additions/re-stocks.
Is there much of a difference in the neck opening between the Mercer and the Expo?
Haha thanks, just called the store and they have an XL for me to try on... Derp.
Just got my Nashville in a size Large and everything is perfect except the damn chest, the area is a little too tight for my comfort, kinda figured it would happen since I am quite barrel, do any of you gents know whether or not they make a size XL in the Nashville? Would you just take a chance and see what a tailor could do? Any recommendations are much appreciated.
Start with the chopped salad, chicken liver crostone and the pigs in a blanket, then move on to the Tortelini en Brodo and end with the Almond Cake. Get a good glass of wine to wash all of this down (they have a fantastic selection of Piemonte region wines) and you are good to go. Also, if you are going with somebody have them order the Rye Tagliattele and split your pastas up, that one is also a can't miss.
I LOVE all the Nashville fit pics in this thread... Are these readily stocked at the Rodeo store? Thinking I may have to bite the bullet on one of my cards and snag one.
I don’t know… I’ve lived in the Silverlake/Los Feliz area for years and really find that people from other parts of town (mainly the valley) constantly criticize the area and talk about hipster this and hipster that, I think you kind of get over all that nonsense once you are out in the area having a good time, there are tons of really good bars/restaurants and concert venues and it’s a really cheap Uber ride away from DTLA/Hollywood. Not sure what the rents have been...
It looks like they got the navy but at least I got a price point of $525. Thanks for that!
New Posts  All Forums: