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Thanks so much for the input Ryden and Mike... Sadly I got so busy at the office I completely forgot to get on the pre-order before the deadline, its what I get for not setting alerts/reminders. Bah humbug.
Wanted some opinions from you gents... So I am already a lucky owner of last years Shawl Pre-Order, which I believe is the Pacific Blue (maybe it had a different name?) and I ordered my typical size 40, and while I love the hell out of it I didn't find too much casual use for it, mainly used it for cold days at work as it was quite a conservative looking sweater on me... With that being said I wanted to do the opposite this time around and get a more casual free flowing...
Mike!... So sorry for this, just read the measurements and think I might actually need a Large instead of a Medium... Would you mind switching it up for me?
I like the black shop coat as well but found it hard to purchase because I plan on wearing my shop coat with a few of the cotton/linen blend long banded collar shirts, would have been handkerchief c/l overkill. Plus I desperately needed a khaki/brown spring coat of some sort, so the HCT works. Also just got the long bush shirt in Olive from TBB, my god what a stunning piece in person.
I've got the last shop coat in Khaki HCT on it's way tome from Nepenthes, cannot wait to see what it looks like in person.
What other Japanese stores carry this outside of Beans1989? I checked with Nepenthes and they sold their last one about an hour before I inquired, been looking up and down for this piece for quite some time now.
Uh YES to this... I actually LOVE the Ashland fit.
Thanks so much for checking back, ironically enough I was just there yesterday and picked up the only Medium, the odd shade of tan is what attracted me to it, definitely a spring appropriate brown, which is a color I typically only wear in the fall so this hue of brown kind of changes that for me.They received that second shipment late last week, which is why you didn't see it the first time around, the floral aviator was bonkers in person.
I would go with either regular postage through their foreign post office and USPS which will almost ensure no duties or FedEx because they will be tactful enough to bill you later... Avoid UPS at all costs, last time I ordered through Frans Boone it actually defaulted to UPS and when the delivery guy came he would not give me the package unless I wrote him a check or just randomly gave him my credit card# which he would scribble on a post it, I ended writing him a check...
New Posts  All Forums: