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Hey gents, I know how hard these things were to come by so figured I'd offer it here first... I've got a brand new unworn Speckled EPLA Chambray in a size Large, pm me if interested. Totally messed up on the EPLA fit, hopefully I will get another stab at the XL.
@mbaum... Do you by chance know what sizes of the Ghurka they received at Corridor?
I can almost guarantee that the Olive Homespun will be your favorite, it is THAT good... Makes me a little curious about the navy one, but my next Bedford will certainly be the Homespun Brown if I can find it in a L, if I remember correctly somebody had previously mentioned the possibility of re-stock's on the HS Brown, not sure if that was true.Also, regarding the cut of the Bedford, I couldn't agree with you more, I am a pretty barrel chested guy so it's VERY difficult...
Thanks for this, you just saved me the hassle of trying to make a size 30 work...
I have to echo mbaum's review, I just received my olive homespun and cannot say enough about the color and texture, by far and wide my favorite piece so far. Glad I sized up to L as now I have room to layer under it, only thing I'll have to do is shorten the sleeves a little with my tailor who loves working on my EG stuff because it's "so easy to alter". Now onto the hunt for a 32 Ghurka in Homespun.
Do the Ghurka's in Homespun tend to fit TTS? Any real need to size up or down at the waist?
I just received that exact banded collar shirt... I'll be wearing that thing all winter, beautiful shirt.
It really is a gorgeous fabric, but the sizing for the EPLA line is something I'm not used to at all... I'm just too barrel chested for it.
I just got the Large and am thinking I might need to go XL... Hmmmm
I couldn't resist... Just bought the Nepenthes Homespun Bedford in Olive, I'm a size Large in the moleskin Bedford so figured I'd stick with that same size. Hopefully it works out.
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