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I just realized that the fair isle blazer I purchased on Rakuten was listed as pre-owned, I hope I don't receive something that's been worn a bit too much, the listing itself is rather confusing and the communication with that shop via Rakuten has been just as bad. *fingers crossed*
Holy shit, I've had my eyes on that one... Just placed the order, hopefully it goes through. I have never purchased through Rakuten... Thank you so much Fycus.
I'm typically not a beast for codes but I really want something (for once) at steven alan and have been holding off for this god forsaken 15% they give you when you sign up... Its been 3 weeks and nothing, anybody know what this newsletter code us?
Thanks for the heads up! Anything else of note in the shipment?
If I wasn't expecting a hungover purchase of the Leffot #8 Naval Boot I would have made a drunken Alden purchase as well...
Just put in a drunk Cedar Lavender check Rivet order... Damn that shit feels good.
Got my charcoal u-neck and villain crew almost effortlessly... Only issue I had was it would not take my 10% discount code at checkout, I'm assuming the code didn't work for the capsule items?
@mbaum & eluther, thanks so much for the info, i messaged escalier via FB and also emailed nepenthes. Hopefully one of them still has it otherwise I'll just have to call the tattersall dayton a wash and move on sadly.
So of course now that I have a tone of stuff that needs layering I am starting to seriously regret not buying the Eggshell Tattersall Dayton when I had the chance, anybody know of any shops that received it that may still have it in stock? I've been digging around and haven't found a thing but i know some of you EG pro's have some much better resources than I do.
That look just sold it... Don't send those back they look great. I have the Ghurka in 32 and LOVE the slim fit, not to mention it makes me look skinnier.
New Posts  All Forums: