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Damn... Just noticed that I ordered the black/orange plaid instead of the arcade flannel when I checked out this morning, must have selected the wrong drop down.
Those E-1 Chambray pants are really intriguing to me... Wasn't planning on opening the wallet for spring until at least the end of February. *sigh*
No they did come out... I have a receipt from tres bien dated 11/29... Coincidentally I have both the Inneva and the all white SFB sitting in my closet right now, purchased both about two weeks apart. So I am assuming that outside of the release dates between the EU and US there is no difference, right?
Be careful with Norse, my last experience with them during their previous winter sale was one of the worst I have had.
Is there a difference between the all white Inneva's that came out a couple months back and the ones coming out on the 15th?
I could be wrong but... I think the pre-sale is technically still up.http://shop.wingsandhorns.com/collections/all/products/wings-horns-x-viberg-service-boot
Thanks for that... Just placed my order.
Hey Mike, any eta on when those Gitman SS15 shirts will be coming in?
My god I am so tempted to pull the trigger on the Wings and Horns anniversary collaboration pre-order...
I got a tip off from someone on NT who told me to hold off on the 5am/8am time as plans were to go the 10am route... Woke up at 10 and found a link to the countdown page just before they went live and secured a size 11 in my cart within 2 minutes. I had two friends holding for upwards of 30 minutes only to get an OOS message. I did try two ATC's, both of which failed (still waiting on those refunds). I have only been this lucky a couple of times with NDC, still pretty...
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