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@mbaum & eluther, thanks so much for the info, i messaged escalier via FB and also emailed nepenthes. Hopefully one of them still has it otherwise I'll just have to call the tattersall dayton a wash and move on sadly.
So of course now that I have a tone of stuff that needs layering I am starting to seriously regret not buying the Eggshell Tattersall Dayton when I had the chance, anybody know of any shops that received it that may still have it in stock? I've been digging around and haven't found a thing but i know some of you EG pro's have some much better resources than I do.
That look just sold it... Don't send those back they look great. I have the Ghurka in 32 and LOVE the slim fit, not to mention it makes me look skinnier.
2 days in a row there are 3 dozen doughnuts in the office and not one fucking cruller... How does that happen? Not even ONE?
Skell and meso... Thank you so much for the feedback on sizing, needless to say I am scared shitless of ordering Viberg's now... I'm a 10.5D in Alden Barrie and am seriously questioning what size I would wear both on a 2030 or a 110 last. Ugh
Also, please excuse the newbie Viberg question... Hows the 110 compare to the 230 in sizing? I know the 230 is a half size down like the Barrie, I haven't really read up on the 110.
Well... So much for the Leffot pre-order tomorrow. Will probably do the BCSK's and the natty xcl... Thank you Fok!
Unbelievably late to the Viberg party but I must say... Sweet Christ I would kill for those BCSK's...
I'm with everybody else... I really like that slim fit in the pictures.
Hey gents, I know how hard these things were to come by so figured I'd offer it here first... I've got a brand new unworn Speckled EPLA Chambray in a size Large, pm me if interested. Totally messed up on the EPLA fit, hopefully I will get another stab at the XL.
New Posts  All Forums: