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UPDATE: I’d like to thank all of the gents on the board who offered to help, I ended up backing out of the purchase due to the store mgr being a douchebag… Either way it was nice to see the overall willingness to help from everybody, camaraderie at its finest here on SF.
early to mid January
Anybody that resides in one of the countries below care to help a brother out with a deeply discounted sale item? I will send you the money for shipping to the states with a little on top of course for the trouble... Australia Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Singapore Thailand Vietnam
I believe the Woodlands may have a small, other than that this thing is long gone, I stopped my search about a month ago.
Been waiting for an Olive and Navy Mercer, plus the discount... Shit is real.
Is anybody else sick to death of Inneva's?
Been trying the Pitch Black hoodie in a L for an hour and some change, inventory issues at check out... Fuck it, back to Mr. Porter and Ssense.
JSteel, thanks for posting those... I just ordered my size Large Bedford in Black Moleskin via Context's sale... Based on your pictures I obviously made a fantastic decision, can't wait!. This will be my 3rd Bedford purchase in the last 4 months (among other EG pieces), I think I'm officially addicted.
Yeah, I myself am contemplating whether or not I should even bother waking up at 6am on my day off, the last few Ssense sales took at least an hour or two to even load and a little more time to add anything to a cart.
I just realized that the fair isle blazer I purchased on Rakuten was listed as pre-owned, I hope I don't receive something that's been worn a bit too much, the listing itself is rather confusing and the communication with that shop via Rakuten has been just as bad. *fingers crossed*
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