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How's the fit on those?
Not gonna lie, I was really trying to like them but was concerned about the fading/whiskering looking a little too True Religion, thanks for confirming. Mind posting some up close pics of the wash?
Hi gents, So sorry for the disappearing act, finally got home from out of the country and noticed a TON of messages regarding my kake's and villains, most of them being requests for pictures. I decided to throw them all on Grailed since I was taking pictures anyways... Below is a link to my Grailed closet, these are pictures of all of my hoodies (and some other things). I'm clearing out my box so please message me and let me know which item your interested in and we can...
I also have Hooded Villains, all size Large and each worn once and stored away. They are Burgundy, Olive and Midnight Navy. Also have a brand new Grey Kake and a black Kake (worn twice) both in size Large. Asking $80 for each.
Got a size Large Maroon Ribbed Mercer Pullover BNWT for sale, can do $100 shipped. For some odd reason I can't post any photos so here's a link to my grailed closet... https://*****************/listings/1283964-John-Elliott---Co-John-Elliott-Ribbed-Mercer-Pullover-in-Maroon-Size-Large
Just got the Harlot and White Skittles in, the Harlot's are fantastic, definitely keeping these, the fit and the color (I've been on the hunt for a darker ripped denim) are just perfect. Can't say the same for the White Skittles, I definitely like the uniqueness of them but I cannot help but feel like I'm in a boy band when I am wearing them, the pinkish blueish hues across the white denim just screams N'Sync to me, definitely returning these. I am just patiently waiting...
NVM, figured it out.
Need to get a few Filson duffles for an upcoming trip, if anybody has any leads whatsoever on a Filson sale I'd greatly appreciate it.
Just received both of the denim shorts I ordered in black and coast denim, both in size 32. The black are MUCH slimmer than the coast but are rather stretchy, which makes them fit well, only problem is they almost seem too skinny.
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