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The thermal is elongated and is roughly around 5 to 6 inches longer than the hoodie, the curve at the hem of the thermal really compliments the crop at the bottom of the hoodie though so I LOVE the look, especially the same color/different material look. I threw it on with myHanoi's, SLP boots and a Schott jacket and got some compliments.Really sucks about my reaction to the dye though, may even need to see a dermatologist because of it.
Got my OS hoodies and Thermal's late last week and decided to wear both the Black hoody and the long sleeve henley for a slightly chilly night out under a leather jacket and while it looked great and felt awesome I sadly did not obey the pre-washing instructions, this caused some pretty gnarly dark stains on my inner arms, elbows, neckline and armpits, also since wearing them on Saturday I was able to get the coloring off in the shower but now my arm pits have formed some...
What's everybody's experience with JE returns? I submitted my request to process a return/store credit a while back and haven't received any correspondence, obviously don't want to send products back unless they have gone through whatever technical process they need to go through, but I really want to get these products back so I can get store credit for more season 7 pieces asap.
Yeah guys, don't fret on Union, one of the pride and joy boutique's in Los Angeles. Great place with unique stuff.
In general I am not much of a shorts guy and tbh I think those look like something my mom would wear while cleaning the house, so definitely a no go for me, almost too casual/pajama like.
Definitely stay TTS on the Kake.
Honestly... Those Henley's are just too sick.
I got my black and clay hoodies/mercers today and they aren't THAT light, the lighting in that picture is way too bright.
I love the Henley's but am a little scared of the sizing, I typically do a Large in all JE tops but it looks like I might need an XL in these?
No, read back a few pages.
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