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I just received that exact banded collar shirt... I'll be wearing that thing all winter, beautiful shirt.
It really is a gorgeous fabric, but the sizing for the EPLA line is something I'm not used to at all... I'm just too barrel chested for it.
I just got the Large and am thinking I might need to go XL... Hmmmm
I couldn't resist... Just bought the Nepenthes Homespun Bedford in Olive, I'm a size Large in the moleskin Bedford so figured I'd stick with that same size. Hopefully it works out.
I tried on the Dayton and simply could not pull it off. I love the pattern and the detailing but I looked like a dwarf in it... It's definitely meant for dudes on the taller side, otherwise it would have just been a $200+ layering piece. I put that money towards the orange shawl collar instead
They were the first store I tried as that is the exact colorway I'm looking for, but no dice on my size. I must say though on a side note that Gramercy has excellent customer service, definitely going to check them out this weekend.Not sure if any stores are still awaiting Autumn delivery but I have a feeling I missed out on all of these band collared flannels.
I'm positive that I'm a little late to the party on this one... Is there a particular reason why the speckled chambray hasn't shipped yet?
Ugh I really slept on all of the banded collar shirts (especially the rodeo flannel's), I really didn't think they were going to get swept up as fast as they did... Clearly I'm an EG newb.
I know I am... I can't withhold my hatred for them though, they are so fucking careless, and the hoops you have to jump through to find a decent human being in their "overgoods department" is mind boggling./rant
Wow... Thanks so much for all the input gents, apparently I didn't know jack shit about international shipping and all of the legalities behind it. Just an update on my issue, FedEx ended claiming that the items were "lost" and that nothing was ever shipped, TBS responded back and advised that they would handle the FedEx claim from this point forward and that they could re-send the "lost" items expedited and insured right away. Those dudes at TBS are a real class act,...
New Posts  All Forums: