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You're probably right but... I'm thinking this might just be a good excuse to throw them up on classifieds for retail, so I can get some more $ for JE F/W.
God damnit, don't think I am going to be able to fit these size 30 Springs... Anybody else notice the difference in fit/sizing on these than all of the other denim?
Tempted by the Rider's Jacket but not sure if the XL would be too big... I am typically a Large in everything JE, any barrell chested dudes have experience with the sizing on the rider jacket?
Need some running shoes and was looking at the Pegasus 33, do any of you guys have experience with the sizing? I'm typically an 11 in most sneakers but am a 12 in Metcon 2's that I use for the gym, do these run similar to the metcon's?
PSA If any of you gents are looking for the Indigo & Old Gold Linen Check Shirt or the Powergrid Plaid Shirt in a size Medium I bought both on final sale and sadly I can’t button either one of them up they are so tight, rather than throw them somewhere in my closet or save them as father’s day gifts/brother in law bday gifts I figured I’d offer them up here. Can cover shipping and even knock off some $ if anybody is interested.
Any chance this sick charcoal co-mix color ever ends up as a u-neck?
What size did everybody go with on the cropped jeans? Ive gone 30 with the Odeon and Zinc and was wondering if I should do the same with the cropped being that they are a different stretchier material.
I have a slight rip in the exact location of my Hanoi's... Need to get them, to a tailor asap before this happens. Sorry to see that happen to you guys, but nonetheless thanks for the heads up.
Can't get the washed olive tab to work, keeps reverting me back to washed black.
What future pieces? Haven't both sweaters released?
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