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What size did everybody go with on the cropped jeans? Ive gone 30 with the Odeon and Zinc and was wondering if I should do the same with the cropped being that they are a different stretchier material.
I have a slight rip in the exact location of my Hanoi's... Need to get them, to a tailor asap before this happens. Sorry to see that happen to you guys, but nonetheless thanks for the heads up.
Can't get the washed olive tab to work, keeps reverting me back to washed black.
What future pieces? Haven't both sweaters released?
Uhhh... It's a nice sweater?
Well, at least the Kake assumption got me to the office on time for once.
I was just thinking how similar these look to those airport sweaters... I wore both of my airport sweaters weekly during the fall, such a timeless piece, can't believe Kanye had anything to do with it.
I got the black and olive pigtails... Was on the fence about Grey, got way too much of that color in my closet at the moment.
I just took my normal size Large like I do in Mercer tee's... Hopefully it fits.
The thermal is elongated and is roughly around 5 to 6 inches longer than the hoodie, the curve at the hem of the thermal really compliments the crop at the bottom of the hoodie though so I LOVE the look, especially the same color/different material look. I threw it on with myHanoi's, SLP boots and a Schott jacket and got some compliments.Really sucks about my reaction to the dye though, may even need to see a dermatologist because of it.
New Posts  All Forums: