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I am getting sick of seeing the ubiquitous way people are tying their scarfs - as in the above photo.
An old one, but a nice look I think. Anyone know what that is in his tie? A tie pin? Not seen that before. Does it involve placing a hole in your tie?
Whenever I see this guy I think he's just come out of hospital after being involved in a car crash:
Quote: Originally Posted by afterglow I made a few phone calls today and spoke to the proprietors personally. I got the following prices for a CMT suit, fully canvassed. Peter Lee quoted me HKD3,500 for a jacket, HKD1,100 for pants and HKD1,200 for a vest. Y William Yu wanted HKD5,000 for the suit, HKD1,300 for a vest. Gordon Yao wants HKD7,500 for the suit, HKD 2,200 for a vest. All were very nice and accommodating. I'm surprised that...
I have had a couple of suits made here. I was fairly happy. I was firm with him and as I visit there every three months it took a couple of visits with modifications before the suits were what I required. He had no issues taking time to modify anything and wasn't trying to push the sale. I have found that in Thailand when you have the clothing, if you say nothing they won't do anything. I am toying with the idea of taking my own fabric next time. Never had...
Any updates? I am thinking of having a few pairs made sometme this year
This is what happens when you wear clothes that are too small for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by justinzee I had a suit and some shirts made by Narin. I think he has pretty good taste, and I like the fact that he is very opinionated. I wanted Joseph Gordon-Levitt from 500 Days of Summer, but he walked me back a bit from a suit I wouldn't be able to move in. In any event, here are some pictures of what he made me. They're not the best pictures, but I figure somewhat ought add a picture to the dialogue. I'm happy with...
I had a shirt made like this last week and I quite liked it. I gave it a go for a change. I don't think I would have too many in my wardrobe, but it does make a change. The thread for the button holes are also darker (navy blue) than the fabric of the shirt(sky blue). I was unsure when I first looked at it, but when it's on, it looks much better.
This is by Berreta and it doesn't look like a typical Safari to me. When I hear safari I picture Roger moore:
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