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Anyone bought from ebay site "British Fabrics"?
Quote: Originally Posted by S. Magnozzi Better than decent, two positively great sources: Huddersfield Fine Worsteds Harrisons Cheers. I also seem to remember reading there was some British fabric ebay guy? Anyone have any idea what his fabrics are like?
What are the best online places for purchasing decent fabrics? Is there a list anywhere on this site?
Quote: Originally Posted by andreinewell No-one has mentioned the monstrosity to her left.
Quote: Originally Posted by noobizor I know it is off topic, but I've been meaning to ask on here about the shirt collar. What is the style called and how is it made? If anyone can answer - cheers.
Thanks for the replies. I assume from some of the replies that the same points when having a suit jacket made applies for the Sports Coat. I have tried a few on and they don't fit properly. But the ones I tried on all had no lining and the padding in the shoulder was barely there.
Quote: Originally Posted by spoozy Epic fail....oh Lapo. I like the jacket. Anyone know what it is?
I'm thinking about a sports coat. It will be tailored. It would be my first. Thus I have no experience with them. What is the typical construction regarding shoulders, lining, length, shape, fused, semi fused, canvassed etc? cheers.
Quote: Originally Posted by hermes man recently Burberry Prorsum and Gucci .. and many other fashion houses have some nice military style and fashion .. they do look awesome but i am wondering does it really look normal in the street? or do they look too poserish ? i want to be stylish and fashionable but i woudlt want be labeled as wannabe hope to get some feed back because i think they look cool... Photos are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Sorry, no shop are selling dainite sole in HK. Is there anywhere online one can purchase them? Annadale post some images of your shoes. cheers.
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