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Whenever I see a comment like this on a tasty girl I think of this image:
Ugg are made in China, and the animal they came from was probably skinned alive for its fur.I steer clear of 'Made in China' products when it comes to animal skins.
Being a dickhead is cool:
So no steaming what can one do?
Quote: Originally Posted by Medwed Is James independently wealthy or comfortably unemployed? Dressed like that there are certain places where he could find a certain kind of work. Just needs to get his eyeliner and lipstick out of his make up bag.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Debated whether this should go in "Creepy" or this thread, but I'm feeling charitable today: (From What is James Wearing, obviously) He overdoes it. It's almost like a parody what with the pose. He should just act natural. But he probably can't act natural. Does he buy the clothes, have a hanger on take the photo and shelve the clothes?
Here is a stylish individual:
Quote: Originally Posted by awxg I like it. Showing a bit too much cuff though.
Packed it in 14 years ago. I was not a heavy drinker, but a night mixing 17 double whiskey and cokes with coke (powdered variety) and not feeling pissed made me pack it all in. Also packed in all narcotics (usual weekend user), and caffeine too. Don't miss it and don't need it to exist or enjoy myself. The can't trust thing is funny. Put a drunk next to your gorgeous girlfriend and see if you can trust him not to do anything. Being sober with a load of drunks does get...
Does it make him immune? What about the other strain of HIV? I seem to remember reading there are signs of a third strain? HIV if caught early (and if the carrier is on medication) is seen as a chronic disease. Hep C would take you out before HIV>AIDS would.
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