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^ Nor the price/shipping costs. I would also like to know how they fit. Why not try them on?
I'd rather spend my money on a small company that makes them in-house, rather than a global brand that churns them out in a sweat shop. My opinion of course - you'd also be a walking advert with their logo on the bag. I only wear logos when I do sports.
For those follicle challenged men a new technique has arisen. I have a friend who shaves his head, and I would guess he would try this out, as he has always had issues. Seems a little pricey but hard to tell from some of these images it is not real:
The original suit reminds me of Kojak or Quincy ME.
I would rather have fake fur due to the fact the animals are skinned alive in China for their fur. I don't support that trade. Barbaric.
How did you make your own topy and how does the sno-seal work?cheers
I always think of Dirty Harry when brown suits are mentioned.
I can not get into jackets with three buttons that are changed to look like they have two buttons.Just looks wrong to me.
He He
I live in the tropics and it is like you're in soup in summer time.The only time I wear shorts is at the beach or pool.
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