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How did you make your own topy and how does the sno-seal work?cheers
I always think of Dirty Harry when brown suits are mentioned.
I can not get into jackets with three buttons that are changed to look like they have two buttons.Just looks wrong to me.
He He
I live in the tropics and it is like you're in soup in summer time.The only time I wear shorts is at the beach or pool.
Whenever I see a comment like this on a tasty girl I think of this image:
Ugg are made in China, and the animal they came from was probably skinned alive for its fur.I steer clear of 'Made in China' products when it comes to animal skins.
Being a dickhead is cool:
So no steaming what can one do?
Quote: Originally Posted by Medwed Is James independently wealthy or comfortably unemployed? Dressed like that there are certain places where he could find a certain kind of work. Just needs to get his eyeliner and lipstick out of his make up bag.
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