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Gandy with a dreadful suit
Yes. But it depends on the fabric. I had some taken out previously. I had the shirt slightly taken in on the sides to compensate for the darts removals. I noticed one fabric -after I had the sleeves taken out a tiny bit, would have been a bad option for the darts removal as the previous holes were still on the sleeves. However you would only notice them if you looked for them. But I wouldn't remove those darts with that fabric. Take it to someone and see what they say.
^ Actually, I have a few slim fit shirts that fit like the one in picture 1. All tailored. First got them done in 2007. They have darts in them to make them snug on the torso. Not super tight, but properly fitted. Saying that, I do have an athletic shape. I found the female of the species likes the look of slim shirts. They are OK to wear if you are doing work. However, I prefer to wear them when I am out in a restaurant or socializing. I usually wear my shirts a little...
^ He may be a CEO of Apple. Looking forward to the OP telling us how the shoes fit. I am going to be in HK next month for a very short period and I am thinking of this option - having them sent to me.
^ Nor the price/shipping costs. I would also like to know how they fit. Why not try them on?
I'd rather spend my money on a small company that makes them in-house, rather than a global brand that churns them out in a sweat shop. My opinion of course - you'd also be a walking advert with their logo on the bag. I only wear logos when I do sports.
For those follicle challenged men a new technique has arisen. http://www.hishairclinic.com/ I have a friend who shaves his head, and I would guess he would try this out, as he has always had issues. Seems a little pricey but hard to tell from some of these images it is not real:
The original suit reminds me of Kojak or Quincy ME.
I would rather have fake fur due to the fact the animals are skinned alive in China for their fur. I don't support that trade. Barbaric.
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