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I remember seeing Tom Ford's film "A single man" in 2009. He used the same collars. That was a period piece set in the 60s. I actually remember asking a tailor at the time if they could do it, and they said they had never done it. Maybe there will be more call for it now. But 310 pounds for a non tailored shirt is madness to me. This is from GQ:
A simple websearch of their address gave me this with a number:
I've never seen these around before, not my cup of tea though, but I don't think they look too bad. They were Buddy Holly's shoes in the late 50s:
What does Lapo do with his suits after he's worn them? Does he wear them again?
Anything with a huge logo on it. (I can accept sports clothing ala Adidas when used for what it's made for). CK - I still have some black and beige jeans/canvas from the mid 1990s knocking around. They are still in good nick. I picked up a pair a couple of years ago in a sale - very cheap and they lasted 6 months. An ex girlfriend bought me a pair of Kenneth Cole chelsea boots (style) about 5 years ago. They are actually OK. I thought they were some other brand at first....
Dress as sharp as you can. You will look the best, the women will adore you (great if you are into women of course) and you can not fail. Who cares what the guys in over sized chinos and crap shoes think. The fact they mention what you're wearing will mean they have noticed. If another scruff turns up they won't bat an eyelid. Never dress down because everyone else may do. It leads to a downward spiral and you'll get lazy. Jeans and running shoes await the lazy.
Here is their outlet:$300 for a full canvas!I will take a look at this place next time I am there.I only have experience with Narin who charges double that for full canvas.I was aware of their main outlet, but their price put me off in the past. I was unaware of this outlet.The location is convenient too.Cheers.
Yes, a gay friend has no idea about dressing well.The only female I take advice from is a close friend who used to work in a tailors. She used to do alterations. She makes her own clothes now and only does alterations for me.
Did his wife dress him?
At the end of the day, I hope it continues (and it will). I don't want them to put more effort into their wardrobe as it would make me look like everyone else.
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