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Shame she is a nicotine junkie.
OP, did you manage to clean/dry clean your clothes sufficiently? Although it sounds like a waste of time, I would have probably reported it, as the twat who did it will probably do it again.
Who would buy this? You can jump into lakes though and you'll be dry in 30 minutes. They fail to mention the suit will be a write off. Fusing/canvassing (are they fused/canvassed?), shoulder pads aren't waterproof last time I thought about it. Apparently designed by Thom Sweeney who has his own place for...
I didn't take a shot without the jacket from the side. Sorry. Feedback is much appreciated. This is MTM. The thing that I notice of course is the shoulders, hence the close shot of the shoulders from the side.
You seem to be an expert on 'dressing gay'.
^ Don't know how her face is, but I wouldn't kick her out of bed for farting.
Pictures/photos have gone
What is the consensus with wearing a wool tie with a tie clip?
Where are the "tutorials" exactly on this site? Cheers
How much were they?
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