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Black Park Avenues sold
Two pants still left. Perfect for fall and winter!!!
Yummy ties. Wish I was in on the brown.
Could be. I plan on visiting the Mississauga shop soon so I will bring it in. Are you usually there on Saturdays?
Hey, just a quick question. Wore my S&M suit recently and noticed when sitting there is the regular crease line but then also another crease line which is thicker? As if some material inside is bunched up? Is this normal?
Tried on a Zegna sport coat at the HR outlet. Nice but it was near $400 so I passed. Couldn't find anything in the mid $200 range in a color of interest. This was on Monday.
What size? Mississauga location?
Ties are on sale 3 for $119. Anyone know what the sale price is for Canada?
Can the Stevie bag for women fit a 13 inch laptop?
Dude, it's 2016 buy a proper frickin camera. You take the WORST pictures. Stop using your damn phone camera.
New Posts  All Forums: