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I would say I'm a medium at most places (i.e. Club Monaco). I can't imagine me being a large unless they run EXTREMELY tapered.
I am in Canada and have never purchased or been in a Uniqlo. What size would I be in their t-shirts and button down shirts? I am 6'0 and 170 lbs. I am thinking medium? Also, I am looking at placing an order of around $200 or so from Uniqlo. Is there anyone here that can offer a proxy service for me?
Thanks guys, I thought so.
Earlier I had asked a question if I can wear linen trousers with a wool navy blazer. I now also realize I have another question in regards to this combo. In specific can I wear these color linen pants with the navy blazer? I have no idea for once if the color of the pants works with the blazer. The pants color is a purpleish color. My guess is the pants color don't go with a navy blazer. In that case I will just opt for grey wool pants.
Can I wear linen trousers with a wool navy blazer?
100% genuine with Harry Rosen tag still on! Tag reads $150. This is made in Italy. A great lavender color with subtle pattern.
Really happy with the shirts. Medium slim fit fits me perfectly: 1. Linen blue gingham button down shirt. Regular price $100 I got it for $20. Cloth is substantial. 2. White with navy stripes and dots button down shirt. Regular price $90 I got it for $34. 3. Blue with mini floral pattern button down shirt. Regular price $90 I got it for $24.
I bought 3 shirts online for Boxing day. Button downs. They got delivered today so I'm excited to see them when I get home. Prices were $20, $24, and $34 respectively.
We need something more solid than "UP TO"...
How long is this AMEX offer and is it valid for Canadian AMEX customers too?
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