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Did anyone call about $99 closeouts?
Did anyone call and ask about closeout styles? Are they $99 today?
Guys, what time do the AE shoe outlets open for Black Friday? Are they already opened lol?
So the 3rd and 4th last pictures what do you tell SWMBO to explain they are different. Wouldn't she complain they're the same shoes except one being a boot.
Are Daltons okay to wear in summer and spring too or are they only a fall and winter boot?
Allen Edmonds Dalton - Chocolate Brown (Size 10E or 10D) needed
Are there no door buster deals this year for Black Friday? They have had it in years past.
Awesome Daltons! How much did you get these second Daltons for? I am also in the market for them...
I love my Randolph loafers which I got last Black Friday. They were a closeout style then and with the $99 closeouts sale they had then it was a steal. You might want to wait till Black Friday and see if they're $99.
Why wouldn't bourbon work with grey....? I thought grey goes with just about anything.
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