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Thanks. Do you also happen to know if Roshe two will be released in new leather colorways?
When will they be on the Nike website?
Another pair sold. Just two pairs left.
Looks too long too.
True. The thing is I just purchased Nike All Out hightops which will be used for light running and cardio and maybe even weights (except deadlift and squats). I will be purchasing the Roshe II as well but those will be for lifestyle and I don't think they will be okay for deadlift or sqauts either. So I need another pair I'm thinking.
Can anyone comment on which fit has the widest notch lapel?
What is the general SF consensus on the Simpson last on its aesthetics? As someone in his mid 20's I love it but I am wondering if the older folks on here frown upon it as it's not a very classic last.
What are good shoes for weights? Metcon 3?
Thank you, makes sense. And what about a grenadine?
If I am attending a non black tie evening indoor wedding should I wear a traditional grey wedding tie (prince of wales or shepherd's check) or some other sort of tie? I'm aware of wedding ties but I am not sure if they are better suited for daytime weddings.
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