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What are some good online places to buy Drakes ties? Sites that have a lot of variety. I need pindots.
Haven't gone to store to see the Canali. My friend can get me 50% off, mind you in Canada prices are jacked up so it will still be around $90 I'm thinking. Sam Hober same price too. Thing is I might not have this 50% off hook up in the future so thinking maybe just get the Canali this time...Just depends on finding a good dot pattern.
Canali or Sam Hober tie?
http://www.drakes-london.com/online-shop/ties/view-all/self-tip-36oz-printed-silk-foulard-8cm-tie-6625 I really want this Drake's tie in royal blue with white color but it is not in stock on Drake's website. Can someone point me to an online shop where this color and style is available? Or at the very least point me at some online Drarke's vendors with the most available styles. I want something with dots preferably. I need something quickly as the event is on May 10th....
PANTA!!!!!!AHHHH had a feeling it started with P.
It's been a while since I logged on here. Anyways, I'm looking for a tie and I remember there was this vendor who was maybe from New York (not Epaulet or Howard Yount). Sold very high quality ties for maybe around $100 to $120. I totally forgot the name of the vendor? Any help??
I just received my Aberdeens. The left shoe is squeaking when I walk. Is this something that could go away over time or is it permanent?
Just bought a charcoal topcoat. What is the rule regarding buttoning the buttons? It is a 3 button topcoat. Button only the top 2 buttons? All 3?
What are you wearing those Larchmonts with? Suit? Slacks?
An FYI for those in Toronto, Canada. The Bay now carries Allen Edmonds at their Yorkdale location. Obviously ridiculously priced but worth trying on sizes there before ordering online. Especially if you want to avoid Harry Rosen and their pushy, snobby salespeople.
New Posts  All Forums: