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Do they send an email when they eventually ship?
Looks exceptionally good. I've always been hesitant to buy bal boots because I thought they wouldn't work with jeans but you made that look really good.
Thanks, I will go with Purple Label.
For Canadians placing order online do you get hit with duty?
What's the black Friday sale?
I prefer slim but what about quality? The PL is made in Italy. I am guessing the BL cashmere is made in Italy as well. Would quality be similar to PL? If so I might as well go with BL.
Slimmer than Purple Label?
Anyone know if shoes will be marked down in value for duty purposes? With FedEx have folks in Canada been hit? Does Canada Post avoid being hit? Not sure why Canada Post shipping costs more though..
I am looking at a cable knit cashmere sweater. Is black label more slim than purple label? What is the quality difference between the two? Is it substantial? $100 price difference between the two. I am unsure which one to go with.
Hello Leaves, please help on Llubi last fit. I am between a UK 9 and 9.5. Should I go with UK 9?
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