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The only thing which sucks I guess is that mine isn't waxed cotton and is instead resin coated.Did they have anymore of the Leighwood at the Saks location you visited?
I have AE Park Avenues in 10D in black. Gently used. Let me know if interested and I can send pictures.
Loding has some nice penny loafers. They are a French brand. I believe the shoes are made in Portugal. All goodyear welted.
Picked up a Belstaff coated cotton navy jacket yesterday (s racer) from Saks in Sherway. Last one that was left. Regular price was $835 but I got it for $165. I don't know how much these jackets usually get marked down but seemed like a good deal?
What do you guys think of wholecut medallions on a sleek last?
I actually prefer a wholecut with brogueing. I know those get even more hate apparently but with a sleek last they look nice. Thoughts?
Anyone want Allen Edmonds size 9.5 or 10 D shoes?
My brother just picked up 7 of the old stock chinos yesterday. $10 each, crazy good. He also picked up a new stock polo and they definitely fit really nice.
Just to clarify the tie is Drake's and the regular width (not slim width). It should tie a beautiful knot. It is obviously something I am doing wrong. If I get a nice thick knot the tie is so short that the extra fabric behind the tie hangs below the tie length.
New Posts  All Forums: