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So I am trying to return an order I placed online and it gives me this sign: Unfortunately we cannot automatically schedule a pickup in your current area. Please continue with registering this return, and contact Customer Care afterwards to help you schedule the pickup manually. Alternatively, you may also take your shipment to any of our stores, without having to register for this. What to do? I do not want to drive all the way to their store as it is a bit far from me.
I have a few night time weddings I have to attend coming up this spring. What are some good recommendations for such events with solid grey or navy suits?
The newsletter subscription promo is not working anymore? Wanted to place an order for the socks and have never used the promo code before.
Went in yesterday. Nothing.
Got email from Harry Rosen outlet end of season 50% off suits and sport coats. Sport coats starting at $199 and suits starting at $299.
Keep in mind it's a jacket it doesn't need to be so fitted.
What colors are those exactly?
Brown as you need a bit of a pattern with solid suit and shirt and no tie.
Thanks gents. I will try to take better pictures standing up. It actually doesn't feel restricted at all anywhere. It's definitely a slim fit though.
Cell phone selfie at work while sitting on chair. What do you think of this custom shirt fit? Too much pulling? Is 0.5 inch or so more in waist etc. the answer? Or should the waist be much more than 0.5 inches more? What about the armholes? Too high? Need full input on anything else too.
New Posts  All Forums: