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Thanks hahah I will pass then!
Thoughts on these shoes? http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=90149246
Where to buy v-neck undershirts? I bought some from Uniqlo but they are so short that they hardly stay tucked in.
Went to Saks at Sherway yesterday. Such a disappointment. The shoes seemed decent enough and many were in the "affordable" $300 to $400 price range but other than that just reminded me why I hardly shop at malls anymore. Maybe Nordstrom will be better...
What are the price points?
What kind of shoes does Holts carry and at what prices? I have a $200 Holts gift card. All I have seen in the past though are crap Prada stuff etc. What else would be worthwhile to use the GC on there?
I see men at my work wearing Under Armour long sleeved shirts or Under Armour polos.
Gents, we have officially reached a new low. Fine, there has been a gradual decline of dressing "up" at work but now this is truly something. Men are wearing Under Armour to work. Really? Is this what our society has come to?
Where to buy good slim fit swim trunks with ~5 to 6 inch inseam without spending more than $30-50?
Then anything that is worthwhile there?
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