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I had something like that happen to a pair of AE shoes. I took it to a cobbler and he said it's unrepairable? My mistake was I applied saphir but instead of wiping it off I left it on overnight thinking it would somehow make it extra nice (dumb of me). Instead when I came back the next day I had those horrible spots on my merlot colored shoes.
Question: My last pair of jeans (Nudies) were ruined after washing them. They were the perfect fit before wash. I thought they wouldn't shrink if I didn't put them in the dryer. However after just a machine wash they became way too tight. I now have a pair of Naked and Famous jeans I have not washed after wearing for a year. They need a wash but I am afraid of ruining these as well. Is there a reason why my jeans shrink in the machine wash? I believe I'm using cold or...
Thanks. Ordering Uniqlo and sizing up 1.
Interesting. Please post real life pictures of them. I have yet to see a real life picture of the dark green. The colors I am contemplating are:Dark greenDark purpleMaroonProbably will order 1 or 2.
Damn they're sort of pricy when you factor in shipping and Candian dollar. Comes up to $100 Canadian.
Any recommendations for olive chinos? Not looking to spend much ideally. $50 or below. Something that fits slim.
How is the rivet fit compared to walt? Go same size in rivet as walt? Do they fit just as slim? Are these trousers an olive color in person? http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/bottoms/products/new-rivet-chino-8-oz-canvas-fatigue Can you wear untucked polos with these chinos? I ask because they have traditional pant pockets.
Well lol there were a lot of comments about it not exactly fitting slim. I guess I'll go medium lol. Can always have it altered if it's a little big.
Interested in the polos. Anyone have real life pictures of the maroon, dark green, or dark purple polos? I am 6'0 and 170 lbs thinking about going with medium. I will wear these tucked out and I really don't want them to be short where if I move around my skin will show. But I don't want them to be boxy either. I'm usually a medium at Club Monaco (they fit slim like H&M etc.). Should I go with medium or small?
This is more streeetwear so don't kill me... I do love these chukkas though. I bought them from a forum member couple years ago. Made in Italy and very sleek.
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