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There is a member here from Belgium that offers Vass proxy for $500 USD and I'm guessing it would not get hit either with duty.
True but I've even been hit for duty by Canada Post recently for something as small as a wallet. It's ridiculous what they're doing lately. Very few people are even still buying online outside of Canada recently because of the Canadian dollar yet they're still dinging us. I would understand if the dollar was great and they wanted us to be shopping in Canada.
Frig the madders look sexy.
Any update on the MTO high rise trousers?
Try Meermin:https://www.meermin.es/index.php
Only $40 shipped!! Another price drop. C'mon...
Two sold, three left!
I recall many of the custom fabrics were out of stock in December. Are they back in stock now? There wasn't a vast selection because of this.
What is the price?
Oh damn
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