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For shoe shining do you use a different horsehair brush for different colors (ie. one brush for black, one for red, one for browns)? What about with chamois cotton cloth? different ones for each color blocks?
Have people been able to mostly avoid being hit by duty from Sam Hober when shipping via Canada Post? I know DHL and FedEX are guaranteed hits, and then some.
And the Saks Off 5th is a joke too. I guess the only decent one is the Harry outlet.
Yesssss, I saw it there on the Rain last just few months back and made a note hey I'll pick those up soon. But then I didn't see them anymore.That's why I asked about the Simpson last thoughts just earlier in here and seemed like enough people found the last nice if the fit works.
So I just bought these on the Simpson last as pictured. I only need one pair of black shoes and I hope this is a good choice I made.
Do you guys put shoe trees in your sneakers? I thought they were mostly beneficial to goodyear welted shoes?
Thanks! And if I want to go unlined, untipped, handrolled edges can I stay at the defuly fold or should i go 6 or 7 fold in that case?
They're like a hybrid of the LeBron Soldiers.
Folks, I want a navy grenadine in the same shade of blue worn by Spoo in this picture. I know his isnt a grenadine by the way. Would the dark blue fina be very close? I'm pretty much looking for a navy that projects navy in pretty much all lights and isn't too dark. And it can't be a slate blue.
I went with 3.4 inches and it's perfect. Will never go out of style.
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