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Awesome Daltons! How much did you get these second Daltons for? I am also in the market for them...
I love my Randolph loafers which I got last Black Friday. They were a closeout style then and with the $99 closeouts sale they had then it was a steal. You might want to wait till Black Friday and see if they're $99.
Why wouldn't bourbon work with grey....? I thought grey goes with just about anything.
Looking nice those Gobi's! I just personally wish they came out with a chukka suede with a more square toe.
So do you think the Dalton's go better with jeans and chinos than the Eagle Country?
I don't know they both look good. I wonder if any/which one would be on sale for Black Friday. That might help make the decision.
I'm looking at wingtip or cap toe boots. Don't personally like chelsea style boots.The $220 Jack Erwin wingtip boot looks pretty good. Do they go on sale and where are they made? Quality is on par compared to Allen Edmonds? They seem more sleek than Allen Edmonds Dalton?
I am looking for a pair of sleek boots. They will mostly be worn with jeans but also want them to be a bit versitile that they can go with chinos and wool slacks. Keyword is SLEEK. Don't want anything that make my feet look fat. My budget is $100-200. Looked at the marketplace here but could not find anything. Is that my best bet? Any other options?
More sleeker boot: Dalton or EC?
Yep, looking at a 10D. Any word on Black Friday sale this year?I know last couple years they had close out styles $99 for seconds.
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