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Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 If by "RLPL," you mean "Lauren by Ralph Lauren." then yes, the Pentagon City store ALWAYS has RLPL suits. Here's what at Pentagon City right now. RLPL 100% Linen, peak lapels, double breasted, in 42R 44R 42L 44L, marked $999.
Earlier this year I saw Ralph Lauren Purple Label three piece suits for $999 at Marshalls. Once in a while I'll see Allen Edmonds (usually loafers) in the shoe department. But still not worth going out of my way to dig through 99.999% crap to get to one nice item if I'm lucky.
I received this schedule a couple days ago by e-mail. CITY DATE HOTEL PHONE NEW YORK CITY Nov. 1 thr. 6 PENINSULA HOTEL (212) 956-2888 NEW YORK 700 Fifth Ave. at 55th Street New York, N.Y. 10019-4100 BOSTON Nov. 8 THE FAIRMONT COPLEY PLAZA (617) 267-5300 MASS 138 St. James Avenue Boston, MA. 02116 HOUSTON Nov. 10 THE WESTIN OAKS (713 ) 960-8100 TEXAS 5011 Westheimer at Post Oak Houston, TX. 77056 ...
Went to the opening of Nordstrom Rack in Pentagon Row last night. Regarding shoes, I'd estimate a larger selection that the Gaithersburg and Sterling locations but smaller than Potomac Mills. In my size, fair amount of AE. Weybridge and Evanston mostly, as well as a loafer and some of the Crosstown collection shoes. Didn't see any Santoni which I was really looking for. Men's suits and shirts about the same as the other area Rack locations.
Last week I went to Arundel Mills. Those shirts at NMLC were nice but a little pricey for me; I hope they'll make it to the color stamped discount rack eventually. The Off Fifth there didn't have anything of note as previously noted... but the Off Fifth in Philadelphia had much better stuff. On Sunday I found Brioni dress shirts in solid white and blue for $90. I also picked up a Joseph Abboud half canvassed suit in my size for $99, and there was an Oxxford orphaned jacket...
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek14 Potomac Mills -Has a NM last call, Off 5th, and Nordstrom Rack -Go to rack for cheap discontinued AE models (my fav source) -NMLC is good source for HF and every once in a while some really nice stuff shows up on the clearance racks Arundel Mills -Has NMLC and Off 5th -The NMLC has the best stuff I've seen in any outlet around I put Potomac Mills over Arundel Mills, if only because I've...
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorialism Do you live here? Yeah I live nearby. I usually take my basic stuff to the one to the left of BofA and my better stuff to Parkway.
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorialism There are a couple of cleaners on the block, but I don't know which is good. (I already know one is shit.) Which one - on Columbia Road I presume - did you have a bad experience with? The one price cleaner next to BofA or the one that advertises environmentally friendly? Here is a pricelist I picked up from Parkway. It is at 1-2 years old, but will give you an idea of the prices.
At the moment, it's probably not worth the trip. Not much "Vault" merchandise (closeout shipments from other high end stores) right now. I think in-stock Canali suits are currently $999. If you can wait take $200-$250 off during a suit event. I've had great luck at Filene's Basement in the past though. A couple years ago, I got a Canali suit there for $450. From one Brioni shipment, I got a topcoat, a cashmere blazer, and a trenchcoat for around $300-$500 each. But the...
Over the weekend I saw an interesting pair of black Brioni oxfords, plaintoe with a medallion at Saks Off Fifth in Leesburg. $399 then take 20% off. Storeworn, marked size 11 though looked small for that size. There's some Briggs and Riley luggage at Nordstrom Rack in Gaithersburg and Potomac Mills. From the Baseline collection, 20/22/24/26 inch uprights are priced at 149/159/169/179.
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