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For sale are four new Ralph Lauren Purple Label ties. These ties are New With Store Tags still attached. Prices for ties include shipping and insurance to continental US. For shipping to other destinations, price upon request.   Returns: returns allowed within seven days of receipt, though buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. #1: Houndstooth tie Color: black and dark cream Width: 3.5 inches Material: 95% Wool, 5% Cashmere There is a small spot on the tie,...
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price drop
I prefer sizing up and being able to fasten the button than size down and not be able to. Maybe it's just me, but wearing it open with the two sides too far apart to ever meet, it draws attention to our larger than usual necks. You can start looking into dress shirt brands that are slimmer fitting so that its not too billowy for your neck size. For me, Corneliani and Loro Piana work well. Alternatively, I take billowy shirt to the tailor get the sides taken in. But...
Re: Waterloo, if you're going to be passing by and aren't pressed for time it's at least worth a stop. Your wife may find something at the other outlets there. A Saks Off Fifth is rumored to be opening in Syracuse, but that might not be for a while.
Up for sale are two used pairs of shoes that never quite fit me and I'm ready to let them go. Price includes shipping and insurance to continental US. For shipping to other destinations, price upon request. First is a pair of Ralph Lauren Purple Label shoes, manufactured by Edward Green. This is the Peering model, in black on the EG 89 last and made in England. Originally purchased from Grapevinehill, it comes with a purple Ralph Lauren box, but it likely not the...
for example, brooks brothers 346 is a line only found at their outlets. generally lower quality than items from their regular stores.
Quote: Originally Posted by stant62 Is there a Hickey Freeman outlet in Rochester? The Hickey Freeman factory store is in Rochester. I'd didn't find much at Waterloo Outlets last time I went. There was a Brooks Brothers outlet and a Polo outlet, but it was mostly made-for-outlet merchandise (as opposed to returns/end of season/etc. from the main store).
Quote: Originally Posted by bourbonbasted Lobbs at NMLC? Sounds like I'll definitely be making my way over soon. Even if they're not there the fact that there is a chance warrants more than enough reason to make the trip. I've seen Lobbs at NMLC but very very rarely, say once out of every 20 visits. And only at certain locations.
Other stores to add to this list is Filene's Basement and Syms. The Loehmann's locations in my area almost never have anything of note, and the men's clothing sections are small. The only thing of note I've ever purchased there was an RLPL pocket square for $35 and some Battistoni and Altea ties. TJ Maxx once in a while has excellent finds. Last year I found mainline Pal Zileri suits there for $280, unfortunately they don't fit me well. And then there was the Robert...
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