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Over in White Flint Mall, the menswear store Bruno Cipriani is having a liquidation sale . Dress shirts are 50% off, and buy 2 get 1 free also applies; so basically buy three for the price of one at full price. Borrelli shirts 3 for $425 or so, Sartoria Partenopea 3 for $245.
I have this tan/black houndstooth jacket. Any suggestions on shirt/pants to go with it?
For sale is a lightly used Hartmann leather messenger bag. I used it a couple times but it does not fit the computer I bought. It is made of black leather with nickel hardware. Measures 15.75" by 11" by 3.5". This is the item here (though in the description, it mentions the shoulder strap is padded. The shoulder strap is not padded). Full retail price is $295. My price is $80 shipped to continental...
don't forget Sky Valet if you're looking for EG or C&J.
I had my first pair, a pair of balmoral boots, made in late 2010, and had one fitting with the canvas model before getting the final product. When I returned to HK in late 2011, I did not get an intermediate fitting on the second pair as I was pressed for time and the first pair fit generally fine although the "V" opening is wider than I wanted. The second pair doesn't fit as well as the first; it's a bit tight at the widest part on the right shoe. It's also a bit more...
For sale is a pair of single monkstrap shoes from John Lobb. These monks, the Newland model, are in black calf and are marked size UK11E on the 8000 last. I originally purchased these shoes on eBay, and they're a little big on me. You can see from the condition of the uppers and the wear on the soles that these haven't seen much use beyond trying on. Comes with box and bags; bags have some black polish marks on the outside. Logo patch stitching is somewhat uneven on the...
What originally concerned me was after checking the Shoe Pictorial Index and the pic for black Newlands, pic, has the black/light tan sole I was more familiar with; also, the stitching of the logo patch on the yellow bags is uneven. Thanks for confirmation.
I bought a pair of John Lobb Newland monkstrap shoes on eBay a while ago. They never quite fit me, so now I've decided to sell them on B&S. While taking pictures, I noticed the soles were different than the two other pairs of Lobbs I have. Anyway, has anyone seen these soles before? Are these signs of a resole, or what I'm really hoping isn't the case, counterfeit?
I just got the Bristol in US 11.5 D, and that size I think its too elongated. IMO the Bristol's plain toe accentuates the clown factor at my size. I'll be returning the pair.For comparison, on the left, the C&J Bristol 359 last US 11.5D. On the right, Lobb 7000 last UK 10.5E; to me the captoe on the Lobb doesn't make it seem as long.
With the closing of Filene's Basement and Syms, the store fixtures are for sale and I saw at least one mannequin for sale here in DC. Perhaps the stores in NYC have some for sale as well.
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