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What originally concerned me was after checking the Shoe Pictorial Index and the pic for black Newlands, pic, has the black/light tan sole I was more familiar with; also, the stitching of the logo patch on the yellow bags is uneven. Thanks for confirmation.
I bought a pair of John Lobb Newland monkstrap shoes on eBay a while ago. They never quite fit me, so now I've decided to sell them on B&S. While taking pictures, I noticed the soles were different than the two other pairs of Lobbs I have. Anyway, has anyone seen these soles before? Are these signs of a resole, or what I'm really hoping isn't the case, counterfeit?
I just got the Bristol in US 11.5 D, and that size I think its too elongated. IMO the Bristol's plain toe accentuates the clown factor at my size. I'll be returning the pair.For comparison, on the left, the C&J Bristol 359 last US 11.5D. On the right, Lobb 7000 last UK 10.5E; to me the captoe on the Lobb doesn't make it seem as long.
With the closing of Filene's Basement and Syms, the store fixtures are for sale and I saw at least one mannequin for sale here in DC. Perhaps the stores in NYC have some for sale as well.
The Filene's Basement on Rockville Pike is closing. I didn't see anything of note in briefly looking at ties, shirts, or pants (and its only 30% off at this point), as I was mainly looking at Buy One (at list price), Get One Free for suits. Of SF interest, Calvin Klein Collection by Vestimenta going for $599 and Hickey Freeman mainline were $499. Some CK solid colors were available, but HF had mostly the Madison model but I did see one Barrett model in my size; HF were...
Whenever I see Magnanni at Last Call or Nordstrom Rack, the leather looks nice and a good value at that price, but all the lasts I come across seem long and narrow. That doesn't work well for my wide feet, as by having to size up the shoes end up rather clownlike.
Based on the tan liner, likely from their Classic line, retail about $500-$600. Perhaps it's the Garson: http://www.theshoemart.com/santoni-mens_garson_dark_brown/pvc-sat-mxs-garson_dark_brown_sat_m_garson.html
thanks for the ideas so far. I like the suede chukka idea. Maybe a C&J boot but not on the 348 last; too long and pointy on me (Tetbury was one of my earlier mistakes). No wingtips so far primarily due to budget constraints. My first few pairs were purchased at Nordstrom Rack for less than $200 and they don't have much variety in my size/width. I'm only now getting comfortable to spend a bit more i.e. the Lobbs, which most certainly were not purchased at full retail. I'd...
About 4.5 years ago, I cast off my corrected grain Kenneth Cole New York shoes and began the upgrade process. Like many new to SF, I've made many mistakes along the way while figuring out my size and my last preferences, having bought then sold seven pairs along the way to get to what I have now. Top L to R: bal boots from Zee's HK, John Lobb Tudor, John Lobb Newland Middle: Trickers Henley, Allen Edmonds Jackson, Santoni Brenden Bottom: John Lobb Stafford, Santoni...
was it British Fabrics? http://stores.ebay.com/BRITISH-FABRICS
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