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Quote: Originally Posted by noVA99 hows that Nord Rack store compare to the ones in VA? better selection? Better shoe selection (AE, Santoni, Testoni, Ferrgamo) in Potomac Mills compared to Shady Grove. I picked up a pair of Testoni boots for $199 at PM over the weekend. Suit/sportcoat selection is about the same, but it depends on when the stores receive shipments of the better stuff.
JoeWoah, I have a feeling the Loro Piana you mentioned is a "Loro Piana cloth" suit - similar to the Zegna/Zegna cloth suit confusion in an earlier post. At Arundel Mills Neiman Marcus Last Call today, there were 20% off signs all over the place. Hickey Freeman (main line) suits were on sale at $480. Take another 20% that make it $384 for a canvassed suit is a pretty good deal in my opinion.
Last weekend I went to Off 5th in Franklin Mills (Philadelphia, PA). Most of it was the usual crap but they did have a couple racks of Purple Label casual clothing. The most interesting item I saw was a Kiton cashmere sportcoat sized Eu 56 - light grey with a subtle windowpane (either orange, maybe). Full retail tagged $4700, Off 5th price $999.
Recently I've begun dropping off my less valued clothing to Menzfit, an organization that helps people get prepared for entering the workforce, including providing interview clothing. www.menzfit.org They give you a form that you can fill out for a record of the donation, and the donator fills in the value of the goods. With the items you've mentioned - in the condition they're in (holes) - I think you'd be better off donating.
Both Filene's Basements at both Mazza Gallerie and Connecticut Ave got some new stuff in. At Mazza Gallerie, there's a rack from Andrisen and Morton and a rack from Mitchells. At Connecticut Ave, there are new racks of Borelli and Dolce & Gabanna, and a bunch of Mitchells items in the rack in front of the upstairs registers. At the Marshalls in Pentagon City, earlier this week I saw a RLPL solid blue suit on clearance for less than $600 -- 42L I think. There was also...
measurements were taken in store in early 2007 ordered four shirts 12/15 received e-mail confirmation 01/09 received shirts 01/22 I received three of my first choices, but on one of them the numbers were switched. I ended up getting Jantzen*2508, which I find hideous and I have no plans on wearing any time soon. I can't imagine what occasion I would wear it.... maybe I'll keep it just to have the spare buttons.
I've usually found many more laceups to loafers in Nordstrom Rack's AE selection. But I think one needs fortunate timing. For example at both Shady Grove and Potomac Mills, I used to see a lot of AE Byron, a very dressy shoe in my opinion. But when I finally decided to get it, they were all gone. At Shady Grove today, there was a lot of an ugly looking bicycle toe laceup, I forget the model name but its been sitting there for quite some time.
My take on shoes: Filenes Basement Connecticut Ave - has some AE Dryden for $219 right now. Has some Dario Dodoni at $299 and other DD on clearance for $210 (I started a recent thread on this brand). The other FBs at Mazza Gallerie, National Place, and Rockville don't have anything remarkable. Saks Off Fifth, Neiman Marcus Last Call - never found anything interesting in the couple times I've gone there Syms Rockville - Has some AE Kennett at $159 and with their...
Filene's Basement on Connecticut Ave has a better suit selection than the one at Mazza Gallerie. Occasionally, they have a Suit Event where all suits are 25% off - they just had one within the past month I believe.
Thanks for all of the comments. I think I will keep them. For those in the DC area, these were at Filene's Basement on Connecticut Ave.
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