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Earlier this year I had a suit and a shirt made at what must be another of shop of Mr. Chan's. I had them made at "Cosmo Circle" (the CC website and A Timeless Tailor look identical) also in the Sheraton. Done in less than 48 hours - fused, kind of stiff, and doesn't fit that well but I told them I was on a tight schedule... don't know if the shirt is Swiss cotton but nothing to brag about - I can post pictures if you want. One reason I chose that place (among all the...
STP is Sierra Trading Post.
Jantzen Tailor is a popular choice on this forum. When I was in Hong Kong earlier this year, they were able to turnaround my shirts in 24 hours. Cost was about HKD320 if I recall or a little more than US$40. I think it's a great value at that price. You can go to their website for options on collars, cuffs, fabrics, buttons, etc. so you have an idea what you want when you go to their shop. But as far as placing orders from overseas, they are very unreliable. Some...
I second the recommendation for Nordstrom Rack. I picked up this Santoni pair last week for $70. The shoes were marked "worn and refurbished" but looked great to me at that price.
When I placed an order in his shop earlier this year, I got measured, paid, and then he gave me a receipt/claim check with a number in red on it. He (I think it was Ricky) said to use this number for reference when placing orders from the Internet. Also, this reference number was written on a sticker on the bag when I picked up my shirts.
Last week I was at Field's and asked about shirts. He said there was no minimum (he recommended getting just one done at first to make sure it fit well), and prices started at $250.
I think they're closed on Sundays. I don't recall the fittings taking long - maybe 15-20 minutes each at the most.
When I was there earlier this year, I was measured in morning of the first day. Then followed up with one fitting on days two, three and four, and it was delivered to my hotel on the evening of the fourth day. I did e-mailed ahead of time to confirm that it could be done within my timeframe. When Patrick was on the US tour last month, I wore it and there didn't seem to be any additional changes necessary.
Is that $10 more expensive in Hong Kong dollars or US dollars?
I had a late morning visit in DC. When I arrived, no one else was there. I asked him a few questions about my current suit, and then took my time going through fabrics. There wasn't anything specific I was looking for, but I ended up getting some shirts. I also recall that the Trofeo was a little more than $1500 for a 2-piece. This was the same price that I paid at his shop in Hong Kong (HK $12000). However, I vaguely remember the prices listed for VBC were more...
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