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I've usually found many more laceups to loafers in Nordstrom Rack's AE selection. But I think one needs fortunate timing. For example at both Shady Grove and Potomac Mills, I used to see a lot of AE Byron, a very dressy shoe in my opinion. But when I finally decided to get it, they were all gone. At Shady Grove today, there was a lot of an ugly looking bicycle toe laceup, I forget the model name but its been sitting there for quite some time.
My take on shoes: Filenes Basement Connecticut Ave - has some AE Dryden for $219 right now. Has some Dario Dodoni at $299 and other DD on clearance for $210 (I started a recent thread on this brand). The other FBs at Mazza Gallerie, National Place, and Rockville don't have anything remarkable. Saks Off Fifth, Neiman Marcus Last Call - never found anything interesting in the couple times I've gone there Syms Rockville - Has some AE Kennett at $159 and with their...
Filene's Basement on Connecticut Ave has a better suit selection than the one at Mazza Gallerie. Occasionally, they have a Suit Event where all suits are 25% off - they just had one within the past month I believe.
Thanks for all of the comments. I think I will keep them. For those in the DC area, these were at Filene's Basement on Connecticut Ave.
I only noticed those creases just when I took the picture... for that reason alone, maybe I'll exchange them if I can find another in my size.
I found these shoes on clearance at a DC retailer. I couldn't find much info on the brand, Dario Dodoni, except a similar post from last year requesting info on the brand. Does anyone know more about this brand - are they well constructed, etc. They fit okay, so for $105 I thought they looked interesting enough to fill a gap in my shoe rotation. What do you think?
I was just in that Marshalls and I didn't see any RLPL either, but what I did find unusual was a jacket labeled "Cricketeer for Woodward and Lothrop" -- Woodward and Lothrop was a local department store chain that closed in the mid 90's.
Earlier this year I had a suit and a shirt made at what must be another of shop of Mr. Chan's. I had them made at "Cosmo Circle" (the CC website and A Timeless Tailor look identical) also in the Sheraton. Done in less than 48 hours - fused, kind of stiff, and doesn't fit that well but I told them I was on a tight schedule... don't know if the shirt is Swiss cotton but nothing to brag about - I can post pictures if you want. One reason I chose that place (among all the...
STP is Sierra Trading Post.
Jantzen Tailor is a popular choice on this forum. When I was in Hong Kong earlier this year, they were able to turnaround my shirts in 24 hours. Cost was about HKD320 if I recall or a little more than US$40. I think it's a great value at that price. You can go to their website for options on collars, cuffs, fabrics, buttons, etc. so you have an idea what you want when you go to their shop. But as far as placing orders from overseas, they are very unreliable. Some...
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