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Near Dupont Circe, there's Filene's Basement. Be sure to go upstairs for the best selection. Currently they're taking advance orders for a suit sale (25% off all suits). Hopefully it will have begun in earnest while you're there so you can take delivery. An Allen Edmonds store is in the area, and also in the neighborhood is a J. Press store There's a Red Line Metro stop at Dupont Circle. A few stops north on the Red Line is the neighborhood of Friendship Heights, where...
I have a pair of Bruno Magli Ranuncolos. The uppers are quite soft, made from nappa leather - but I'm not sure if that is as frowned upon as corrected grain leather though it certainly feels nicer than plasticky CG. But there's no depth to the color, and typically Bruno Magli at this price level are poorly constructed. I wear them on rainy days only... I'd mcuh rather go with the Santoni, which are made from calfskin and are Goodyear constructed.
Mr. Field in is excellent to work with. He does a quality job but is expensive compared to others though. I had jacket sleeves shortened and pants hemmed/cuffed, it came to about $80 total. Also, the turnaround time is on the longer side. I think it took 2-3 weeks.
The tour schedule from Mytailor.com says they'll be in Cincinnati Feb 27 - 28.
WW Chan, a Hong Kong tailor who is held in high regard by forum members here (including me), is visiting Chicago on March 8. In case you feel uneasy about measuring yourself and ordering online, Patrick can measure you and also you can peruse the shirt/suit fabric swatches.
There's an announcement at the bottom of the Jantzen home page - "most old materials out of stock, please order from the following links". The linked fabrics were all of the form Jantzen*2XXX, so many of your choices may no longer be available.
Quote: Originally Posted by noVA99 hows that Nord Rack store compare to the ones in VA? better selection? Better shoe selection (AE, Santoni, Testoni, Ferrgamo) in Potomac Mills compared to Shady Grove. I picked up a pair of Testoni boots for $199 at PM over the weekend. Suit/sportcoat selection is about the same, but it depends on when the stores receive shipments of the better stuff.
JoeWoah, I have a feeling the Loro Piana you mentioned is a "Loro Piana cloth" suit - similar to the Zegna/Zegna cloth suit confusion in an earlier post. At Arundel Mills Neiman Marcus Last Call today, there were 20% off signs all over the place. Hickey Freeman (main line) suits were on sale at $480. Take another 20% that make it $384 for a canvassed suit is a pretty good deal in my opinion.
Last weekend I went to Off 5th in Franklin Mills (Philadelphia, PA). Most of it was the usual crap but they did have a couple racks of Purple Label casual clothing. The most interesting item I saw was a Kiton cashmere sportcoat sized Eu 56 - light grey with a subtle windowpane (either orange, maybe). Full retail tagged $4700, Off 5th price $999.
Recently I've begun dropping off my less valued clothing to Menzfit, an organization that helps people get prepared for entering the workforce, including providing interview clothing. www.menzfit.org They give you a form that you can fill out for a record of the donation, and the donator fills in the value of the goods. With the items you've mentioned - in the condition they're in (holes) - I think you'd be better off donating.
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