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I asked the Vass salesperson about their custom option, to solve the wide foot/normal heel issue. She seemed to discourage me from it. But I did get an MTM pair from Attila a few blocks away. It should arrive next week, and I'll put pictures/impressions in the Attila thread.
I found that when ordering a wider width in narrow lasts, the heel gets wider too and I start to get slippage; I think I suffer from wide feet but a comparatively normal heel.
The Vass are size 44. In my opinion I'm slightly wider than a US 11 E. Allen Edmonds 11E in the narrow lasts like the 5 and the 222 are too snug on me, but the roomier lasts can work for me.
These arrived yesterday. P3 last, Oxblood calf, London model. I wanted something more casual to wear with odd trousers and perhaps even jeans. Ordered in the Budapest shop, it took just under five weeks to be delivered to US. Cost was 128000 HUF (~$477) including shipping, trees, and Topy. Regarding fit: I have a wide foot, so F- and U- last were completely out of the question. In terms of width, P3 last and 3636 last both were wide enough, but P3 was better for me as I...
I was in Budapest last week, and I have a picture of seven museum calf swatches as opposed to the six above.My picture of the regular calf swatches didn't turn out good, one color was lost in the store lighting. I was hoping someone could help with identification.
When I lived in Adams Morgan, I would go that little shop for minor things like a shine or plastic heel/toe taps. Last year I brought in a pair of balmorals to get new heels and to be stretched, and a pair of bluchers to get Topys. When it came time for pickup, he said "I'm not done stretching the bluchers". I almost started screaming at him "you weren't supposed to stretch the bluchers" (they were already a touch wide to begin with). Then I looked at the heels on the...
As noted in the Allen Edmonds thread, pairs of AE are showing up at Burlington Coat Factory for $99-$139. I went to three Northern Virginia locations on Sunday looking in 10.5-11-11.5 and found the following below. It should be noted that except for one, every pair was in not in the marked size section as if someone was hiding these like George Constanza. Bailey's Crossroads: Geary longwing blucher brown cald 11.5D brown in the 10.5 section Quinton suede balmoral 8.5 3E...
I was at Arundel Mills last night. Not much left in 10.5-11- D: Clifton in brown calf $14010.5 B: Lake Forest blucher in chili11 3E: Presidio loafer in black11.5 D: Schautal reddish brown suede longwing blucherAt Gaithersburg just now:10.5 D: Schautal reddish brown suede longwing blucher11 D : Haight black chelsea boot $10010.5 D, 11.5 D: Eagle Country boot in light gray $100
I picked up a new pair of AE Sutter at Burlington Coat Factory of all places; I didn't know AE were carried there. Only a couple pairs of AE in my size, but fortunately this one was in my width and a relatively inoffensive style. $119 at Jersey Gardens.
I was in Budapest last week. Prices were HUF 135000 for the standard lasts and HUF 155000 for the Italian lasts. I didn't see the price of boots, as the gorgeous U- and F- last boots are way too narrow for me. Price was HUF 210000 for custom shoes, but it requires a second shop visit. I asked about a VAT deduction (since I was leaving the EU) and they either didn't understand me or pretended not to know, so I asked for and got a 10% cash discount. HUF 9000 for trees.I have...
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