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Price on the Ferragamos?
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba It's likely they can fix that, though it's pretty bad. You may find that problem with nearly all brands however. I would have BB do the tailoring so that you have the right of refusal if it goes wrong. Take the waist in and bring the sleeves up as well. This sort of bunching is definitely a trend I've noticed on just about every jacket I've tried on OTR. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by y3ahind0 +1 It is not suitable with your shoulder frame. Ok, so it's not something that can be fixed? Can anyone with some experience in BB's other cuts (Regent, Madison, etc) recommend one that might fit me better, or should I be looking at another brand?
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Take a picture without the jacket. You may have square shoulders. Here are a few pics without the jacket:
I just received what I hope will be my first suit (BB 1818 Fitzgerald). I haven't taken it to the tailor yet and wanted to solicit feedback on the fit and what alterations are needed. I was thinking of shortening the sleeves an inch or so, taking in the waist an inch or two and lowering the collar. I'm a bit concerned about the pulling across my shoulder blades, is that something a tailor can fix or does it mean the jacket is too small? The shoulders feel good as does...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brianpore FYI pictures don't work for me... Me neither. Do you have any other pics?
My reaction exactly, I had to double-check.
Are either of these still available? I've never tried on a RLPL shirt, how are they cut?
How much do you think the pants could be let out at the waist on the bespoke? They appear to have about a 10.5" rise, is that correct? Do they sit at your natural waist or below your navel?
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