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You can get it for free on the Internet.MC: shame you didn't like it. THe whole 'Alpha concept' is what helped me copulate more. Then again, it is my first book that deals with this subject. I'll give Sex God a read.
Says who?
Whatever, dude. I'm trying to pay it forward. Go read the book if you haven't. You'll thank me later.
Not sure if this book focuses on pleasing women once you have them in bed. If so, I have absolutely no problem in that dept.
Considering how tight she was, I certainly believe it. Usually I wouldn't believe such a statement, but she really had no reason to lie to me. She's leaving tomorrow, and I'll never see her again.One was her ex husband and the other was a BF she had for 6+ years.I've come a long way since reading that book.I think cursing is allowed in this forum.
Ever since I read Alpha Male by John Alexander I've been fucking a lot more than I used to. I'm not kidding, and this isn't spam. Once you understand that women are hornier than men, that they enjoy sex more than we do, and that they just want to fuck, you'll get laid more often. Last night I slept with a Venezuelan woman who was tighter than any other woman I've been before. She was 35 and had only been with two men in her life. She came like 10 times, and I fucked her...
Any pics?
Any pics of a decent looking fit? How long should it be? How tight around the waist?
Are linen shirts supposed to fit baggier than cotton shirts or is it the same fit for both fabrics? Thanks!
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