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I know for a fact they dated for a while. I became friends with her recently on FB, and saw a couple of comments from a while ago making reference their relationship. Right now there are no photos of him in her profile and he hasn't been mentioned in a while. I'm pretty sure their relationship is over.Haven't decided yet if I'm going to go ahead with the plan.I think I might be able to meet her by coincidence without the use of a PI.Meh. That's exactly what I'm trying to...
Actually, this is a girl I've known for a long time. Her BFF used to have a crush on me when we were in high school. We're friends on facebook, and I could always write her a note asking her out... but that's kind of lame. Background: About 2 years ago I saw her one night from a distance, and then sent her an email asking her out for coffee, and she said sure and gave me her phone number. We talked on the phone one night. Next day she sent a txt and said she was with...
She works at an office building, not at McDonalds where I could go say hi and ask her out.Going to her office and asking her out would really be psycho.
Here's the deal: all of my friends are either married or engaged. I'm just 31. There's this girl who's 30 and is a really nice prospect. Thing is, I really hate going out alone, so I'm thinking that meeting her at lunch at some random restaurant would be a nice way to get her phone number (the only way probably). I'm a lawyer, and dress up during the week, and going to lunch with my boss would be a good way to impress her... I think. So, how much would you spend on a...
Thigh measurements?
How much do RRL jeans stretch in waist and thigh from their original measurements, before they are worn/washed, etc? I need a pair of jeans whose waist measures 17.5" once it's broken in (or whatever it's called) and thigh measurements between 11.5-12".
This isn't my first trip. Last year, due to my clothes, I wasn't able to bang this cute Argentinian girl working on Heavenly Sky Resort. I had a borrowed jacket that looked like I was in the military, and had about 3 layers of cotton underneath it. She was like, "Seriously? You think you're gonna bang me looking like that?". I don't want to make the same mistake this year. If The North Face or Helly Hansen is gonna get me laid, then that's what I'm buying even if it means...
Mods edited my post. I would use fucking if I could.
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