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Can you give me some pointers?Will I need a coat even if I layer up? As in a icebreaker merino baselayer + dress shirt + sweater + beanie & scarf?Were you thinking about something like this when you said I would need a coat?Thanks for your help.
Going to NYC in mid November. My wardrobe is lacking clothes for the 40-50 degree weather. I bought these two merino sweaters from Brooks Brothers to wear during the day: For the evenings, I bought these two: I was trying to achieve these looks: My question is: will this be enough to keep me warm? I also bought a bunch of cashmere beanies and scarfs (not from BB though). Thanks!
Yes, that's it! What's the word regarding these vs crepe sole?
I once bought a pair of Clarks DB's that had a sole that was not the white/transparent thing that usually comes on the DB's. They lasted much longer, and when I wore them I wasn't worried every time I crossed my legs. Those things get filthy fast! Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
That's sad.
"Before doing something rash you may want to take a look at why you're attracted to out-of-control women." I guess I need to take that up with a shrink. It worries me a little, but you're 100% right. I am attracted to problematic women. Since I was a teenager. Mommy issues I guess.
Girl A never did heroin or methamphetamine. She probably tried crack, snorted coke and did acid & shrooms. That was about 8 years ago. She then got a college scholarship and has been a very competitive runner ever since.Girl B has fucked my buddies, but she doesn't consider that a mistake. And it wasn't recently, but during the past 5 years.What I want to know from you guys is, would you prefer to be with a girl with a sketchy past, but who is completely changed and nobody...
Who would you rather be in a relationship with: A) a woman who was "very sexually active" when she was young, did hard drugs when she was in college, has had 3 abortions and was homeless for a month, but is now very close to God and prays everyday and goes to church on Sundays. Because she lived abroad all her life, nobody, except you, knows about her past, so for all everyone knows, she's Mother Theresa. B) a woman who's had no abortions, has only done pot... but she's...
What does that emoticon mean anyway?
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