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I have a membership, but it's not Corporate. It's a standard membership.
With respect, Ennius, didn't like your coat that much. With respect.
The BB discount is for Corporate Members only
Can u show me a couple of pics? Please?
Meh, not really my style. This is sort of more my style:
I will return them and re-purchase them then.I asked when was the next sale and they said the week before Thanksgiving.What's your source?
Any suggestions?I also like this one, but it's worth almost $6k
OinkBoink, please go troll some other thread. There are plenty here.
What kind of jacket VinnyMac? And what's wrong with the sweaters? The only expensive one is this one, which was worth $400. The rest were decently priced at $100-$150.
btw, that jacket is worth $3k, so it's out of the question.
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