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morning bump
thx G! I will be wearing jeans, so charcoal it is!
I was there a couple of weeks ago, and I loved it. Stayed at the Warwick. Saw the MOMA, Metropolitan, walked 5th & 6th. Went to Central Park. Ran the Brooklyn Bridge. Went to 911 Memorial. Going back there in 3 weeks with the gf. Wondering if u guys had some suggestions on things I must do/see. Thanks!
With respect: if u wore this suit to where I'm from, people would laugh at you and would think you're a clown.If you wore this suit to court, the jury would be completely biased and u would lose the case before opening arguments.I don't give a fuck how much it's worth. U need to tell us what u do for a living.Also, u have big balls for showing ur face wearing that suit on the Internet. Props!
BTW, beanie/scarfs I bought were solid colors (charcoal/navy/black/toast/etc). Thanks for your time. RP (author of "girl of my dreams" threads)
So, is it stylish to wear same color beanie & scarf or is it more trendy to use these color scarfs? I bought a couple of matching beanie/scarfs combos and was wondering if I should buy one of ^these^? If so, what color beanie should I wear? One matching my sweater? Going to NYC soon and want to look stylish. RP
charcoal better than navy, right?
I think we've got a keeper! You like it better than the Walking Coat?,default,pd.html?dwvar_ML00191_Color=BLCK&contentpos=31 The Walking Coat is a bit longish, and only comes in black, though.
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