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Dunkineely sold out.
Ditto, but I doubt it. Itchy merino is a thing of the past.
I will check out Self Edge.Basically, I don't want a tight fitting jean as I have squatter's thighs.
Bump Diesel maybe?
I'm pretty sure those will be too tight on me.
Will be traveling to NY in a couple of weeks and wanted to buy a good pair of jeans. It will be good to try the jeans before I purchase, since I have big thighs, so those slim fit jeans are not really my type. What stores should I visit? What brands should I look for? Thanks
Don't understand. Doesn't the law of averages prevail? If 1k+ people rate a restaurant with a certain number, why is that not trustworthy?
Is it a good idea? Some folks have recommended certain restaurants in NYC, but according to yelp, there seems to be better options... with plenty of reviews! RP
Well, it's made of cashmere and basically I'm wearing it because I'm bald/shaved and my head and ears would freeze if I didn't wear it. I saw a picture in gorsuch last season and one of the models was wearing one. I would obviously take it off once I go inside a rest/store/etc, but walking on the streets is a different story. I have all the colors and matching scarfs made of cashmere as well (charcoal/navy/black/etc)
Can u please point me in the direction of one of these threads? Thx!
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