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And yes, the straight tip ball is the one I was interested in, not the other one previously mentioned.
Thank you. I will do that. I will order a couple via phone and try them out, after I call them with my info.
Worst case scenario, they don't fit and he returns them when he gets back home. That's why I wanted to take my measurements here. Maybe some Alden experts would chime in. Am I in the right place? Second thing that concerns me is the price difference between buying in their shop or ordering online. Anyone with any info on that? Thanks. I'm humble and graceful and come with respect.
Sorry then. Thing is, last time I was here people started bashing me immediately and I had my guard up this time.
Idefexee: thanks, that's one of the pairs I planned on getting.
Perhaps in the USA it's the way you describe. Not here thankfully. You also don't know my financial situation. The previous post (*edit... LB's post) is one of the reason I refrain from asking stuff in this board. Why not just keep it to fashion? Who cares what you think about how I spend my money? That's why I said I came humbly, with respect and I was grateful. Please, forget about my life, money, income, economy. Just try to answer my question with respect and I will...
I have a small dilemma. I have a friend who lives in San Francisco. I live overseas and it's impossible to get Alden shoes locally. We will meet in 2 weeks for a friends wedding. I have no shoes in my closet. Recently graduated from law school and I'm in need of some shoes. I thought this would be a perfect time to buy Alden shoes. I need to buy a pair anyway (for the wedding) so what the heck. I have a couple of questions and hopefully you guys can advice me. (1)...
Quote: Originally Posted by silvere2 So you're studying for the bar the US...but you don't know when it's administered? And you're planning on practicing law here? Who do you think is going to hire you? We have enough awful law schools in this country, with students that can't get jobs, and you think that law firms are going to hire graduates from international law schools? I don't know if you've done any research, but the legal industry in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by silvere2 Well first of all, as another poster pointed out earlier, you don't seem to know when the bar exam is. don't live in the States. Anything else?
TY RH! Good Karma for you!
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