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You fucking idiots. I bet a lawyer banged your sister and your gf, and that's why you all hate lawyers. I'm proud to be a lawyer. You idiots probably don't even have a college degree. Regarding the shoes, I can afford them, but I'd rather save $300 and buy some shirts. I guess that's a sin for some of you prudes. I'm glad most of you don't have my mentality. Then again, I'm sure you don't have the looks or skills to pull it off either. Keep paying full price for shit
Quote: Originally Posted by RedScarf7 Racist. Look here. Nice, recommending a thread with 6000+ posts. Typical SF. Who has time to go through that, besides people who do nothing else but spend their days in here? And what's wrong with my suggestions, eml4sker? I'm assuming you are referring to the Omega? What's in your watchbox if I may know?
Omega Moon Watch (no date) IWC 3717 Just a heads up, these people in here know crap about watches. They spend everything in clothes and shoes. So take their advice at your own risk. I'm a WIS, on the other hand.
You fucking idiots. Be my guest and pay full price on everything you buy. I try to get the most bang for the buck in everything I get.
Ok, then, how easy is it to get a job at BB? I have a law degree. Am I overqualified?
I was at the store today. Wanted to try on the Cordovan loafers ($600) and I asked the lady that was helping me when was the next sale coming up. She told me that probably in December, but that most sales don't apply to cordovan. Then I asked her how much of a discount the employees get, and she told me 50%! Conversation when more or less like this. - 50%?! Does that include cordovan shoes? - Yes. Why, you want to work here (smiles)? - Its an option. Or I could buy...
Sorry, double post.
Quote: Originally Posted by rcd213 I couldn't find LP locally (Manhattan), so I just bought it online. You mean Obenauf's, right? Anyone know if I should apply leather protection cream from Clarks now and Obenauf's when it gets here, or if I should wait for the Obenauf's?
Can someone please give us new members a brief summary of the hundreds of pages in this thread. Or am I expected to read them all? Just want the basics, as in "this brand is the best under $xxx. If you want to spend a little more, you can consider this and that brand. This brand can't be altered by a tailor." Hope you guys understand my situation. I charge by the hour. Then I have to read the hundreds of threads with thousands of posts regarding (1) suits, (2)...
Sorry, double post.
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