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Any other ''must buy'' during this sale besides the darltons?
So there are two collections? Spring and Fall?
I saw some video of shoes once and it was pretty good. Any other videos you guys think are worth watching?
Sorry, not from the US. When does the current collection end? I'm assuming there's a winter collection, and new clothes will come in stores like RL and BB? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Like I said, not from US.
I don't see them in their website. Are they discontinued?
I read somewhere that good shirts need a good detergent. I buy in bulk, and the Kirkland Detergent found in Costco is pretty cheap. Am I ok using this for expensive clothes?
Completely out of left field. No way those 2 are getting married. Something will happen in the first few episodes and the engagement will be off. Book it.
Thanks for the mac method. What is WIN? Last post, I did not understand a word you said.
I bought my first pair of expensive shoes (Darlton wingtips) and wore them to a wedding (sort of casual attire) and needless to say, they woke up a little banged up. This is my first pair of cordovan shoes and was wondering exactly what I had to buy in order to remove the scars it has right now. Also, other stuff I'm gonna need along the way to have these shoes in top shape. If you could please provide a link, that would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Fucking idiots.
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