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Today I went to my family's friend, who is a local designer, to get measured for a suit. He took out a Brioni catalogue so we could select a fabric for my suit. We selected a fabric, and then he asked me a couple of questions (noth or peak, two button or double breasted, etc). After he measured me, he said I was a 42 regular. He has a tailor who works exclusively for him. But this suit will come already assembled and it will be modified by a tailor. My...
Bought some for $45, others were more expensive. 25 total.
I thought BB ties were pretty good. This is supposed to be a starting point now that's I'll start working as a lawyer.
I'm screwed then. Will need to pay for shipping. One of the comments said that if you were above 6' tall, you should go for the extra long, and he was a top 50 contributor.
These were from Brooks Brothers, with the 40% + 15%. Bought them all extra long. I'm a tall guy (6'1"), and I thought these were the way to go. Today I went to the store, and asked to see the extra long ties, and they said they had just a few. "Is this for you?" asked the man. "Yes." I said. "I just don't see it." he replied. How far down your belly should a tie be?
What's the schedule of Chan's visit to US? Trip to HK is kind of expensive.
What's the schedule of Chan's visit to US? Trip to HK is kind of expensive.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker What kind of watch do you plan to wear with these? You guys are a tough crowd. Seriously. Touche!
Why would you want to call them? They make fun of people trying to get help and post smart ass comments which hurt people's feelings.
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