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Thanks for your reply!Would it be a good idea for me to buy a second pair of the same jeans? I really like them. Best jeans I've bought so far.Or should I buy a pair of the rigid? Maybe I can wear the rigid for more casual occasions, so they can fade, and wear the once-washed for more formal occasions.I'm assuming the RRL rigid are raw?
When do people normally wear a leather jacket? I'm guessing temperatures ranging from 35-55 degrees? Under 30-35 degrees is too cold to wear them? Are these supposed to be worn in more casual environments, with jeans and boots? I just bought the RRL A2 jacket and want to know when I should wear it. What do people wear under it? Just a shirt I'm guessing? No sweaters unless really cold, and if so a crew neck? Thanks a lot for your imput!
I just bought my first pair of "good' jeans. They are the RRL Low Straights. They are "once soaked", not washed but not raw either. I had a couple of questions and was wondering if I could get some help. - Will these fade with use the same way a pair of raw denim will? - If so, should I avoid putting things in my front pockets? - Should I hang them from the belt loops after every use? Thanks for your time!
Anyone have a link? OOS on all sizes?Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
Whats the word on the A2? Must buy item?
Please give me exact measurements of your jeans. Thx
I'm looking for a jean with the following measurements: thigh: 13" front rise: 10.5" inseam: 32-32.5" waist: 19-19.5" I bought a pair of 36x32 RRL straight leg, but the front rise is 12.75", and I thing it's a little too much. Plus, it's the dark wash model, and I'm not too crazy about them. Price is not an issue. Thanks!
Yes, I agree. Hopefully it's warm enough.
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