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It's called a thread, not a threak, you fucking idiot.
Quote: Originally Posted by either/or -what, no sense of humor? Anyway, the green wallet threak is a good way to get to know SF and Foo - you have to admit you have too know Foo to be on SF? Umm, no. I honestly don't have time to read that thread, and don't know who Foo is and honestly, unless you digest it to me in a couple of paragraphs, I'm not interested in knowing who he is.
I live in a place where temp is around 80 throughout the year and pretty humid. Was wondering what kind of fabrics I should look to buy for dress pants. For example, should I avoid wool?
WHy the fuck would you give a link to the Mafoof buys a green wallet? Don't you think people have better things to do in life than to read that thread?
Back of my card says PL is excluded. Doesn't say anything about BL.
I have a pair of RL Darlton Wingtips and a pair of their Penny Loafers. Was wondering what would be a good belt to go with these that's not overly expensive. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by fss His last topic was about him spending $1250 on Brooks Brothers ties. Please explain why anyone would want to reply seriously to this guy. Because even if you think I'm a troll, I'm dead serious about everything I've posted here.
To the Texas user: get real dude, I would fuck you up in real life. I'm 6'1", workout everyday and run 3 miles. Go beat your wife instead, you fucking redneck. To the rest of you monkeys: yeah, I've done that before, and plan to do it in the future. I go to Home Depot, buy a drill, use it and return it. No questions asked. The other day I bought a pair of sunglasses at Sunglass Hut, used them for 89 days and returned them on the 90th day. They gave me a bit of trouble,...
You've never done that before?
I live in a tropical island, and hardly ever get the chance to dress for cold weather. I'm going to Lake Tahoe on february and needed to buy a couple of things since I don't own any clothes that are appropriate for that kind of weather. I was thinking of buying a Cashmere cable crew, like this one, and maybe a Cashmere sweater, like this one. What can you tell me in general about how I'll be dressing and how do people dress in these situations. I've heard they use...
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