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Bought a 34 Allen Edmonds black leather belt. Then called the next day saying I might need a 36. Lady asked what size pants did I use (33 or 34) and she said 34 were the right ones, so she sent them. Right now I'm pretty slim, and I will bulk up about 10 pounds as soon as this pain on my shoulder and back goes away. Here's how the belt looks now. Return and get the 36, right?
Didn't know who he was, and I was drunk and angry when I posted that last night. So apologies to that man. But still, it was not a 5% savings... more like 75% Maybe I need to read more about what a cutting pattern is. My understanding was that with the pattern, it would be easier to recreate the suit. Otherwise, why would tailors be so protective of it?
How did you come up with 5% savings? Are you able to read? Go read my post again. Read it once more if your 95 IQ requires you to read things 3 times before you can comprehend. Then come back and tell me how you came up with 5% savings.
After two threads filled with insults, I decided to take these pics with shirt on so that you guys have a better picture of the fit of the pant. User a tailor has been helpful, but sometimes I don't understand what I need to fix. If you could post a picture of a good fitting pant and then compare to my picture, with maybe a circle around the part that's not fitting well, I would greatly appreciate it. From my limited knowledge, I'd say the but part looks the...
I finally found a local tailor that makes MTM suits. They've been in the business for a long time (85 years). Apart from being cheap, they are pretty laid back in terms of being 'jealous' of their work (or maybe the correct term is 'proud'?) Sorry English isn't my 1st language. What I mean is, they wouldn't be insulted if I brought them a cutting pattern from a previously made suit, and/or the suit itself, and asked them to replicate the suit. On the contrary, they would...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arsenal I don't even know where to begin. Fuck you mother fucker.
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe The seat doesn't fit correctly. Look at the difference between the left and right sides, and go back to the tailor. Sorry, not sure what I'm looking for. Can you please be more specific? Thanks!
Actually, yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor do you usually wear trousers that low on your hips? it should be on your waist. Yes, I do. That's where they feel comfortable, both physically and mentally. Any higher and I would feel like an old man. Quote: did you have your belt on at the fitting? No, why? Quote: one picture shows a high hip on the right. another shows a high left hip? Not sure what you...
Quote: Originally Posted by lincolnshirepaul You seemed to have pulled them down for later shots, as they have more break. I would say, if they're sitting on your natural waist and have the same break as the first pic, they are fine. Yeah, last 4 shots was before taking them to the tailor.
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