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I ordered 4 tailored fit shirts from CT. Size 16.5/34. They are actually more tailored than BB ESF. You can check sizing yourself, but the 16.5 BB ESF measures 47.5" in the chest and 45" in the waist, while the CT Tailored measures 45.7" and 42.9 respectively. Big difference. I do think the fabric seems very filmsy and they wrinkle easily. Would buy again cause they're cheap.
The $250 one?
I'm liking this belt. Too casual? I don't wear the darlton's with suits, but I do wear them (wingtip) with a blazer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter IMO, yes. When the cuff is unbuttoned, I like my shirt to just hit the V of my thumb, ie about 1.5-2 inches longer than the end of my arm/wrist, so with a little bunching at the elbow, shrinkage, etc, when I extend my arm, the cuff doesn't move (but there's no extra slack). that's a personal preference, I hate cuffs pulling up like you've shown there. especially with a SC/suit because then I have to...
btw, this shirt is unwashed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter that's normal bunching. There's always a bit. plus with slim sleeves they'll start to stack with more use, making them permenently hang too short. also after a few washes tehy'll probably shrink a little too. lastly, if he's wearing a sportscoat or suit, chances are the sleeves will be too long so better to have the shirt sleeve a little long so cuff shows, and as you extend the arm the sleeve cuff doesn't pull...
Quote: Originally Posted by Grenadier I think the waist could be 1-2" smaller.
Cool! Pretty happy with the result overall. I think I could nail the fit in 2 tries.
This is how it ended up looking like. I think it's a little tight in the chest. Arm width seems perfect. What about sleeve length? I also see some excess fabric on the sides, but it feels pretty tight as it is. Thanks.
Dont waste ur money sending it to TH. About $200 for a 7750. $150 for a 28xx.
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