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Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel If anything is going to help you getting her, it's posting pics of her on the Internet. The help you need, you won't find in this threak. BTW, any nudez? Sorry, but I'm sure no one I know visits this forum. No nudes.
"Girl of my dreams" was just the best thing I could come up with given my limited English. Regarding a pic of me, don't feel comfortable posting it. I could say, though, that I'm tall, white, green eyes and in good shape. Better looking than most guys, though not better looking than her ex. Regarding me having personal issues/inept with relationships, I never said I didn't have them. I do have issues & am not quite the Don Juan I'd like to be. Hence, me asking advice...
Quote: Originally Posted by rsuhandy If she has a flirty personality then you put too much emphasis on the smiley faces etc... If she isn't a flirty person then she is at least interested in being friends. You'll find out for sure when she leaves if she likes you. I'll be frank and say the chances that you guys would be in a committed relationship before she leaves is very slim. Which means that being laid back is safer for your mental health...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Leave a message about hanging out again. This time sans brother. she's pretty hot. I've saved her picture for when you come to your senses and take it down. Thanks. Good to know.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr.orange lol what if she's just being polite? You have a point. And, she seems the kind of girl that is polite even if she doesn't like a guy. That said, the smiley faces, the txt msg afterwards saying she was on her way to the beach and if I wanted to meet her there (with a smiley face). These things kind of tell me she's a little interested. Or maybe I put too much emphasis on smiley faces in txt...
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack Call her. Fuck this is why I hate texting. You could have avoided all this shit if you just called her because on the phone she can't hide it if she doesn't like you. Call her, ask her on a proper date, if she says anything other than "yes" she's not interested. Thanks. I agree. If she doesn't answer, leave a msg? Or read between the lines? BTW, what's up with your post count?
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Yeah, game over. I'm not sure what you're expecting to happen in a month. It's about a month and a half. And seeing each other once a month is pretty doable. Actually healthy for a relationship if you ask me. So, I guess the majority thinks I should make one last attempt. Give her a call or send a txt?
Quote: Originally Posted by Church's Goer If her last breakup was a bad one, she probably doesn't want someone who (no offence) is coming across as a bit clingy and too strong. Her last breakup wasn't a bad one. The guy just dumped her, that's all. Show me a good looking woman and I'll show you a guy who's tired of fucking her. I disagree about coming across too strong. If anything, I've done the opposite. She obviously knows I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by dhc905 Her biological clock is ticking so loud it is probably clouding her judgement. I don't think she's even thinking about marriage at this point. She's leaving 1 year to do her masters.
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