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I'm sly and have an oval face. Those glasses with thick (legs?) and too big of a frame don't fit my style of head (ie Wayfarers). Does anyone have any recommendations for me?
Ok, guys. You've had your fun. But this bitch can suck my cock. I've been reading Alpha Male by John Alexander and have a new perspective. Please help me with this current chick. I think I might have a shot.
I did bang the secretary. We've had some interactions before when I took some depos at her office. Anyway, I really acted like a fag with this other chick. Really liking Alpha Male so far. Thx 4 the recommendation. Truly life changing. My problem was treating this bitch like she was something special. Thing is I get tired of women who give me their pussy too fast and start calling too often. Take the secretary, for example. She's now calling everyday and i'm like...
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy It's over, not that it was ever on, but there's no hope. She's found a guy that's more interesting to her, or with less baggage. Don't believe the movies where the lame guy gets some hot chick that he's fallen head over heels for yet she's totally not interested at first. It never happens unless the girl realizes she's getting older and is done with dating men that excite her and want someone safe. You are...
Just so you guys stop pittying me, wanted to let you know that today I banged the secretary of an opposing lawyer, in her office while he was in court. So I may have acted like a complete fool with this particular chick, but in no way am I depressed by the rejection of this other girl. I didn't see her at the gym today, but I'll probably see her tomorrow or sometime this week. I will act as if nothing ever happened. Not gonna completely ignore her, but will certainly mind...
For example, how's the fit of this shirt?
Quote: Originally Posted by emc894 That really depends on how you wear your cotton shirts. But I like mine to be looser fitting. Tight, rough linen doesn't feel too good against the skin and a big advantage of linen is air being able to flow through the open weave and onto your skin. I wear my cotton tight. Thought on making this linen looser, but not balloon type. Any pics of how linen shirts should fit?
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 why did you pick linen for the shirt over cotton? It's summer and 100degrees out there.
Or are they suppose to be more baggie? Getting a MTM linen shirt tomorrow to use casually and wanted to know how much I should alter the fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 (Late to the party) Wait the fuk a minute? OP "asked" a girl out to lunch via FB? LOSER!! Man da fuk up and pick up the phone. Being a pussy gets you no pussy! I get my fair share of pussy, but I have indeed acted like a pussy with this particular chick.
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