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Where is the cheapest place I can get them? How much should I expect to pay for them?
I found a couple I like. How about some opinions? These for $90. I like the color, but that POLO logo on the back side is horrible. These for $125. These for $140. Thoughts?
Can I get a list, please. I know Todd's and Car Shoe are SF approved, but I feel like they are a little bit too expensive considering they won't last that long. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind spending $400 on a pair of shoes, but I've read that driving shoes don't last too long, so not sure they're worth it. Thanks
Where can I buy some nice linen pants? I checked BR and RL and they didn't have any. I don't think shorts are acceptable attire. I like the sound of linen pants, brown belt, loafers and untucked blue shirt. I'm not on vacation. I live here.
What would you wear to a Wine & Food Fest in a tropical island out in the open during the evening? Around 85 degree weather. Thanks
double post
Was wondering if leaving the first suit sleeve button unbuttoned would be considered stylish. I compare this to wearing a watch over your shirt sleeve (which I find it to be a big no-no), or not buttoning the collar in a buttondown collar shirt (also not a big fan of this). I do like the sound of the first sleeve button un-buttoned. Here's a picture of Jeremy Piven in a recent GQ magazine. He has 2 buttons. I would do just 1.
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 late to the party: I ain't threatening anyone. Just making an observation and giving my opinion.
If this is not changed, you will lose members. Threads are practicably unreadable.
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR i think this title would be more appropriate: "help me find the sunglasses of my dreams" Touche!
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