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Not gonna be able to wear a jacket, as it will be warm and probably the only one wearing one.
I guess. English isn't my first language, so excuse my grammar.
I want to look fashionable when I go sky this next winter, and I think this is the best time to shop for sky clothes (summer). I hear The North Face is a good brand. Any recommendations on what I should buy? I wanna be the best dressed skier in the mountains this winter!
Would it be cool to wear my Darlton loafers with the tan linen pants and the green linen shirt? Not sure I wanna spend $400 for a pair of Tod's drivers.
I live in Puerto Rico. No Tod's here.
I'm a size 12 or 13 depending on brand. Is that considered an odd size?
Sry, triple post.
Sorry, double post.
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