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About 2 sizes too big.
They are size 36x34. The guys at the RRL store hemmed them and now the inseam measures 31.5". When I first tried them on the measurements were as follows: Waist: 19" Thigh: 12.5" Front rise: 11" Back rise: 15.75" After wearing them a couple of days, these are the measurements: Waist: 19.25" Thigh: 13.25" Front rise: 11.5" Back rise: 16.5" Amazing how much these stretch! I called RL and asked for the measurements of the 34x34, and they said: Thigh: 10.5" Front rise:...
Pics please
I took some better pics with the pants a little more high on the waist. What do you guys think? Still too baggy on the butt?
Sorry about the new thread. I get no response in those "question/answers" threads.Can you please give me one example? Do you think the butt is too baggy? Are they long enough? I think the front part of the jeans fits nicely, but feel like the butt area is a bit too baby. Do you agree?Not a big fan of skinny jeans. Where I come from, it's frowned upon. Besides, I'm an old man. Skinny jeans, IM(humble)O is for younger people & artists.Thanks again guys, and if you could give...
Any way of removing it without fucking them up?AgreedYes, they're a little too tight, and it's not noticeable when I'm standing. I will take them to the store to stretch them a little.Thanks for your honest advice.
Please elaborate! Is it the butt? Are they too big there?I don't like skinny looking jeans, and have big thighs.Thanks for your help man.
Please be as honest as you can. I'm in search of the perfect pair of jeans. Thanks!
I guess this is a stupid question given the lack of feedback I've received. Apologies.
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