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Damn there's some cool stuff in London, but everything's so expensive. Picked up these 2 for personal use; Layer-0 lightweight linen blazer Diemme Roccia black suede boots
Look back through my posts, I found the exact same one a month or so ago. Not sure how resale is, but they're nice bags for sure.
These are pretty cool
If you don't mind me asking, how much?
Some John Lobb bespoke goodness; TBH, i was more excited seeing this on the rack than the Lobb's;
A teaser;
Not sure, what the name is. According to some google searches, they're a sneaker-boot hybrid from Spring 2014.I not completely sold on them, so would be open for trades.
So, in 2015 my first thrift find was a pair of YSL high tops in my size. This year, my first pick up are these in my size; Margiela Lancel Briefcase Tumi Large Garment Bag
@Nataku that is without doubt the coolest thing ever posted in either of these thrift threads
Found these a while ago (size 34 if you're interested)
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