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Thanks for the knowledge. Just looked inside the pocket & saw a tag with Asian writing, so assumed it was fake.
fake Lanvin anyone? PM for proxy
I'd kill to thrift in some of the bigger cities in the U.S.The lack of high end retail stores here in Aus means it's mostly mid-tier street wear brands that I find.
Gotta say that this is the most luxurious shit i've ever handled, let alone found for pennies at an op shop. Raif Adelberg's new cashmere sweaters retail for $4k, & i can imagine this wouldn't of been far off. Richard Kidd 100% cashmere oversized hoodie Double layered handspun cashmere with double riri zips Seriously the softest & warmest thing iv'e ever touched Caruso double breasted jacket Loro Piana Super 160's (praying the pants show up!) Norse...
Mind sharing how you have them framed? I've been looking into framing one i found a while ago
Has John Lobb ever made clothing?
That CDG Shirt is so sick ^^ What are the last pair of boots?
Thanks, it was $30 for the first 5 items if i wasn't clear in the OP.As for the Brioni shorts, they're the 'Moena' model which i think is only for pants.
#onestop at the cheapest store in town for these 5 items. Under $30 for all 5. Julius twins. (thread first??) YSL by Zegna runwayesque pants. Elastic waistband, hidden button pockets. Undercoverism wool pants. Brioni cotton/wool shorts. Pretty sure these were trousers tailored into shorts, which sucks. Everything else; Domenico Vacca shirt (womens) Triple button collar Crockett & Jones Connaught Our Legacy Runner III
Its only lined around the waist & pockets though.
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