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Pretty meh day apart from these two items;
Like this?BTW Jompso, do you know what the highest fabric rating number/letter is for Zegna made items?All the trofeo 600 i've got is a 4, & i have some older 15milmil15 that is a 'P'.
Mine do on both jacket & pants tag
Tom Ford, T&A, Pucci & Gucci Pal Zileri flannel trousers Polo wool/angora/cashmere flannel trousers EG (bakers?) jacket Shirts - Zegna, Emmett, Eton & PS Brioni cotton pants Caruso suit Dior Homme 'Uniforme' suit Ferragamo sneakers Hogan x2
Spoo, would you give this the all clear? 35"x35", hand rolled edges towards less vibrant side, decent weight silk.
I'm holding it down it Australia, well in Sydney at least. & if any of you yanks feel like watching some real sport, tune into the Rugby World Cup Final between Australia & New Zealand in 3 hours Only if you're cheering on Australia though
For sale i have an Ermenegildo Zegna mens jacket The colour is somewhat hard to describe. I'd say it is a dull, earthy brown/salmon/peach. Sorry for the vague description! All tags have been removed from this jacket. But i can 100% guarantee its authenticity. The fabric feels like a silk/wool/cashmere blend. I myself own an E. Zegna jacket made of cashmere/silk/rayon. This jacket feels like it has some wool in it. The jacket is fully canvassed, partially lined & double...
Somer better pics of the CP's.
I found some in dark brown suede earlier this year in my size. The only way I can see them looking good is on some super luxe Hermes type runway steeze, they looked terrible with everything in my wardrobe. I think I got two bills for them in the end
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