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Valentino shirt Probably my favourite shirt i've ever found. Really nice navy camo pattern on a thick cotton poplin. I'm thinking the "2014 Milano" on the tag means it was a runway item from 2014, which is cool. edit: not sure what's going on with the colours, no fading is visible in person. Veronique Branquinho cotton blazer as worn by spacepope HERE
Nice little #onestop yesterday
Found a jacket a few weeks back.
Speaking of Issey Miyake.... Can anyone help translating the material tag?
SS15 Dior (N/A)
Thank you! That is the same exact one.
Some better pics of the Tom Ford & Kiton jackets; [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
The Polo to end all Polo's. @SpooPoker any idea what this is? It probably weighs like 10lb.
A slim EU 50R. Tom Ford is a tagged EU 52R
Lady at the counter was nice enough to mark these down to $10 a piece because i couldn't find the pants Some quick and dirty pics;
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