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Another good test for Hermes scarves is if you can see your hand through the fabric, it's probably fake.
All firsts for me. Brioni navy suit (EU 48) Not crazy on the stripe pattern, but N/A for now. Flat front pants Emma Willis shirt (16.5) Burberry Scarf
Diors look good ^^ & those Mykitas are insane!!
Pop on some John Lobb's. (At least they're not as ugly as those velcro ones a couple months back) Thom Browne ties CDG shirt
True thrift, i really don't understand how things like this end up being donated. Common Projects Achilles (Womens EU 37) Probably worn for like 10 minutes. Even came with the shoe bag. ] + a cool Bally wallet
You're lucky you're able to return yours! I found the one a couple of weeks ago, ended up redonating it (& $40 worse off)
I've never found tailored Brioni in the wild, but i guess this counts as an e-thrift; Some ties Drakes, Drakes, Ferragamo, Canali, Zegna Couture, Hermes Grenson Adidas x Yohji Y3 hoodie
Nice. I regret selling my one. The cases are quite valuable if you can find someone who needs one.
What lens is that for?
I saw this exact print yesterday at one of my regulars. I may have to go back and have a better inspection!
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