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Thanks, i was worried i was leaving behind some good stuff.Lazy group shot of some recent pick ups;Jil Sander bagLouis Vuitton beltrecent Zegna wool/silk jacketOliver Spencer shirtRRL black on black selvedge jeansAPC jacket
Can someone give me the rundown on Roy jeans?There's an Aussie brand named Roy which i see every now and then, but not sure if they are the same.
Nice!Make sure they're legit though, i've purchased fakes off ebay before that looked real.
Some unworn slim raw selvedge Gustin's
Thanks for those who helped authenticate the Louis Vuitton jumper some time back! Only 1 thing worth posting since then; Acne unlined jacket
For sale i have a P. Johnson Tailors mens suit. It is navy in colour and features a light blue pinstripe. The suit has been well worn. A slight sheen is evident from dry cleaning. There are no rips or stains. The jacket is side vented, 2 buttons, surgeon cuffs & notch lapels. The initials "PWB" are sewn on the inside lining. The pants are flat front with side adjusters & no belt loops. If you have any questions or require any further photos or measurements, please PM...
Alright i need some help with confirming the authenticity of this Louis Vuitton jumper.To my eyes, the contents and size tags look good. (Fabric reads 70% wool, 30% silk)The main thing that is throwing me off is that the "L" crosses over the "V" on the logo, when i think it's supposed to be the other way around.Anyone able to confirm?? [[SPOILER]]
Brunello Cucinelli linen shirt (with both linen & cotton tags) Mint Salvatore Ferragamo elephant tie Is this anything? Eredi C shirt. Google search returned almost nothing.
Charvet pocket square Borrelli tie Armani black label white shirt
Size 38 for the light grey Zegna suit, although it is unavailable atmSome more pick ups;APC bomber N/AOrlebar Brown terry poloP. Johnson pants
New Posts  All Forums: