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Sorry, its an EU 50.lol not using it to stage photos, just ran out of hangers!
Photo set-up discussion, spoiled for those not interested. [[SPOILER]]
Louis Vuitton shoes Recent Alexander McQueen jacket Canali, Zegna Couture, Borrelli ties RLBL Anthony suit (e-thrift)
Suit is located in Sydney, Australia. Price is in AUD. Free postage in Australia. For worldwide postage, please contact me for shipping quote. For sale i have a Ralph Lauren Black Label mens suit. It is the "Anthony" model, which is characterised by its slim, modern fit. It is made in Italy by Caruso. It is black in colour and made from 100% wool. The suit is in fantastic condition, it has been worn less than five times. The jacket has notch lapels and is double vented....
From 2011 according to the same one found on rakuten - http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/cliffedge/item/11020417/?s-id=borderless_recommend_item_en
First pick ups for the new year. YSL patent rolling high tops (N/A) Neighbourhood Japan shirt APC petit standard Brunello Cucinelli linen shirt
I need some help with this Ferragamo sweater.What's worrying me is I've never seen these specific Ferragamo tags, both label and contents, used & the sizing is in EU, when normally it is in S, M, L etc.Any help is appreciated! [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, i was worried i was leaving behind some good stuff.Lazy group shot of some recent pick ups;Jil Sander bagLouis Vuitton beltrecent Zegna wool/silk jacketOliver Spencer shirtRRL black on black selvedge jeansAPC jacket
Can someone give me the rundown on Roy jeans?There's an Aussie brand named Roy which i see every now and then, but not sure if they are the same.
Nice!Make sure they're legit though, i've purchased fakes off ebay before that looked real.
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