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Found this awesome WW Chan jacket today. Pants were nowhere to be found VBC Super 140's [[SPOILER]] Also an unlined wool Neil Barrett suit
10.5 But N/A for now
Orlebar Brown Golden Goose (possible thread first?) A.P.C. Nike flyknit chukka's
L to R; Drakes Petronius silk/cotton Petronius cashmere Petronius wool
A few firsts for me.
I'm not sure how familiar you guys are with P Johnson, but he is well regarded here in Australia. - http://www.styleforum.net/t/229772/p-johnson-mtm I found this the other day. N/A as it fits almost perfectly. Luciano Barbera Sartorial jacket Ricci & Zegna ties Acne shorts Jean shop rocker selvedge denim Still no luck in finding the pants for that RLPL jacket
RLPL navy jacket I'm praying the pants show up in the coming week
Thanks. I mean, i am familiar with undercover and Junya/CDG and their use of distressing, patchwork etc.I just couldn't find these particular pairs when searching through google and ebay.
Could any denim heads tell me if; 1. These are both real, & 2. If the rips, patches etc. are part of the design, and not added post purchase? Undercoverism denim Junya Watanabe x Commes Des Garcons denim Some more SW&D; Cool as shit A.P.C. sparkly cotton pants - made in france Outlier shorts Neil Barrett shirt EDIT: Jil Sander trousers Naked & Famous skinny guy denim
Thanks man. Yeah that raf jacket is cool, it was above thrift prices but I still had to grab it anyway. The MMM shirt was thrift prices but a size 56 :/ Comes new with mrporter tags. I feel both will be going to 'that other place'.
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