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There seemed to be a subtle change in Roger's wardrobe last night. He looked a bit disheveled with his shirts and suits a little on the rumpled, boxy side. It might just be me, but it would reflect Roger's new role as gadfly drunk...not that he was ever anything else...but it seems to be more acute this time round. But screw the men's clothes. Don's wife in the "time to clean up" scene was. Well.
We also used undermount sinks, rectangular ones. Don't cheap out on the hardware. Home Depot stuff is fine for what it is, but it will never be luxurious. THis is a once every few decades purchase, so it's worth it to spend a little more. We have both a large soaking tub and stand-alone shower. The kids use the bathtub almost exclusively.
Certainly restricting your caloric intake will help in large and important ways, but I personally didn't have the will power for it. I managed to lose the weight anyway. It's possible I was actually cutting caloric intake by simply eschewing the vast amounts of bread and pasta. The weights, though -- man, that felt great. I think a lot of guys misunderstand weightlifting and think it's all about getting huge. The endorphin rush I get from it is like nothing else. I...
I'm not an exercise freak, nor am I a dietician, but I was in a similar state when I was finishing my first book. I had packed on 20 pounds I didn't need. I cut out ALL bread, pasta, as well as starches and sugars that came from anything but raw, natural fruit. Then I started walking four or five miles a day along with weightlifting at home. I lost the 20 pounds in two months. My brother in law, a physician, confirmed what I guess I already knew: my body learned how...
I just renovated mine. Avoid bowl sinks, as they're a bit dated at this point. Also, don't get a pedestal sink. They're likewise dates and you'll forego undercounter storage. I selected granite for the countertop, but chose a remnant from the stone yard. Being a remnant, it was much less expensive. I did do caesarstone in the kitchen, however, and absolutely adore it. Great material and very modern. Just thought I'd throw in my .02.
The BMW's are great drivers, but austere and very pricey. They're also -- forgive me, because they're truly a blast to drive -- a bit cliche. The 3-series especially screams junior account exec with his first bonus. The Audi is elegant, and probably has the best interior, but I don't care for turbocharging, especially in city traffic. As for Benz, well, they're also cliche while also being relatively sedate. I have an Audi A4 Avant and love it, and though it's...
We have to assume those pants are charcoal. In which case, it could look quite dashing. Getting black and brown to work together is difficult, but not impossible. I have never seen it done with footwear and pants before.
Theoretically it can be pulled off. Theoretically. But unless you're that dude in the first post, or unless you're living off your family's 19th century whale oil fortune, you can't. The effect is sheer, undiluted douchery. Try it and someone will stab you in the throat with a key, and you will deserve it.
If you're going to buy a black suit at all, it's worth getting a good one -- or at least a goodish one -- one that looks great on your form, etc. There's nothing at all wrong with black suits in the evening and I think you'll get more wear out of it than you think you will. In a dark restaurant or bar they look quite elegant. It's wearing them in daylight that's the problem. Black is the most formal of colors, it's also hard to wear it well, but if you can do it --...
Exactly. When I visit family in Minnesota it's just, well, awkward. The idea of wearing (gasp!) a collared shirt for an outdoor activity is anathema. I mean, I'm not doing anything even remotely MC worthy. Linen pants, a white button-down, loafers.In Europe, the default assumption is that I'm German and I'm often complimented on my excellent English.
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