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When wearing a tie with a wide spread collar (one or two button), should the collar tips be touching body of the shirt or is there some sort of distance that is acceptable? I was trying on a wide collar shirt today and when I tried on a tie with it, the collar points were hovering just above the body of the shirt.
I've been looking at a number of online MTM shirtmakers and there seems to be a difference in opinion about what measurements (body vs best fitting shirt) will provide the best fit. Can any SFers chime in about your preferences?
Thanks guys! I am also having him remove the darts on a shirt that was always a bit too snug ( a Bonobos dress shirt). Will removing the darts loosen it up enough or is it a lost cause? The darts don't look all that big, maybe 1/8" at most.
I am going to have my tailor take in a few of my dress shirts (e.g., darts in the back) - do you gents usually wear (or at least bring the pants and put them on) the pants you plan on wearing with the shirts when you see your tailor?
@rms344: Thanks! I've had wool blazers, etc tailored in the past but was worred about any potential extra charges for cord....
Hi all - has anyone had any luck tailoring a cord blazer? I've got an H&M blazer (size 36/Male) that needs to have the waist suppressed a bit and perhaps have the sleeves slimmed down, but not sure if the material is a big challenge.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlmostSmart Gadorg: the Buckingham range at TM Lewin fits the bill. Spread collared shirts with button cuffs Thank you sir! I failed to look into that section while on the TM Lewin website.
Thank you so much SFers as always!
Can anyone recommend a dress shirt brand that offers english spread collar dress shirts that have regular button cuffs rather than french cuffs? I was looking at TM Lewin shirts and while I think I will like the slim fit and english spread collar, they only offer those shirts with french cuffs. I'm thinking I will probably have to go with a custom shirt (either online or local) to get this type of shirt.
Thanks again for all of the feedback, gentlemen! Looks like I have narrowed the pool down. Appreciate it as always.
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