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It seems to me you've got the basics right. I'd recommend the waistcoat, particularly if you were to opt for the bow tie. On neckwear: you've got a very neutral base, so pick any tasteful tie you'd like. Capelli has some great options, particularly affordable in their online outlet.
The difference between bespoke and MTM is a slippery slope. In short: bespoke is made for you specifically, on the basis of an individually drafted pattern. MTM means the adaptation of a standard pattern to your measurements. Others may include the extent of handwork, etc., into the definition. On your price points: which currency are you using? If US$, you're looking at Gordon Yao and WW Chan at the high end, and Peter Lee, Hemrajani and Simpson Sin at the lower. If...
Go to Peter Lee or Simpson Sin, tell them it's your first time ordering bespoke, he will help you through the process. Don't go to a big-name storefront on Nathan Road. It rarely ends well.
Look at Marling and Evans Zaccheus bunch.
Does anyone know whether W.Bill or Dormeuil in London still sell to individual (ie. non-tailor) customers?
Wisdom crowd-sourcing time: I'm looking for fabric for a winter slightly-lighter-than-navy jacket (think minnis 520) preferably in flannel/doeskin/cashmere. Which bunches should I be looking at?
I'm just wearing that today. Lovely texture.
I always find that tattersall shirts work with it very well.
Check out Black Tie Guide, then buy one from, for instance, Ede and Ravenscroft.
How is their non-iron fabric? I find non-iron shirts often feel clammy and sweaty, but haven't tried CT's.
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