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Unfortunately, not at the moment. I'm traveling now and will be back next week. Will post a pic then, weather permitting. I must say, it wears heavier than its weight (although I do wear warm), and I mainly use it for temperatures between 0 and 15 degrees with a topcoat, and perhaps five degrees warmer without.
Well, on the other hand, I have a an odd jacket in the lightweight Fox navy. As I understand it, the warp is worsted while the weft is woollen (or Vice versa). I have had it for two years now and worn it quite regularly. It seems to hold up quite well and is not too wrinkle sensitive. That said, I would hesitate making trousers out of it.
I don't think you can go wrong with any of those, but I feel particularly attracted to the left and middle ones.
Thanks for the tip, I haven't looked at this book yet. One question: how red is the overcheck? It looks a little like purple/berry in the pictures, but perhaps that's just camera effect.
Either you're not standing straight, or you have quite a drop in your right shoulder, which the tailor has not taken into account. I imagine this would require considerable surgery for the suit. The vents on the brown suit open up when you stand, while the trousers on the DB fall very poorly. There's also something weird going on with the arms on the DB. I'm not sure I would return to this particular tailor if it were my money.
This is the blue Riviera gun club I'm still lusting after, if anyone still has a length or knows another book with a similar design.
Basted fitting for a DB linen suit at Hemrajani. The front of the coat will come down a little to improve balance, this will be a 6x2, patch pocket coat so I can wear it separately as well. On the whole, Joe and his staff were very helpful and knowledgeable, I'm looking forward to seeing the final result.
This sort of pattern is relatively popular in s/s jacketing books. There is a quite similar pattern in Bateman Ogden's jacketing book, which is sold as Aimbry by Huddersfield Cloth.Riviera was a great book indeed. I have two jackets out of it, and two further lengths to be made up. I would've gotten nearly the entire book if they hadn't discontinued it. Someone made a comment, a few pages ago, about how difficult it is to find decent light-weight jacketings that aren't...
Light blue shirt with some surface interest, end-on-end or chambray, for instance. Conservative repp tie and gray flannels.
I just had a basted fitting for a DB linen suit at Hemrajani. Looks good so far, pictures to follow.
New Posts  All Forums: