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Check out HLesser Tropical.
My wife describes it as an evening out bag, if that helps. She loves it, though.
Cloth to Suit has a couple of nice W.Bill ones as well.
As does H&S Ascot
Quick question: how's the Kickstarter shipping backlog going? Still waiting for news.
It's got nothing to do with complexity, but with weave. The essence of Fresco is that it's a plain weave: both warp and weft go one over, one under. A herringbone requires that you can have a warp that goes two over and under, otherwise you cannot achieve the diagonal effect.
How does the RAF compare to the 520? It's not an easy colour to photograph...
That would be 2.5m, by the way.
Same here.
Same here: jacketing length of the houndstooth, located in the UK.
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