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How is their non-iron fabric? I find non-iron shirts often feel clammy and sweaty, but haven't tried CT's.
Marling and Evans have a few nice houndstooth jacketings.
I would only due hacking pockets on tweed jackets, but YMMV. Your lapels: too narrow and straight. Contrast with this version, worn by Vox.
8-9oz tropical. Great book, I have a mid-blue from it that has held up very well for five years now.
Has anyone ever used Lovat's Bard book?
I take your point, but just to be accurate, are you referring to Huddersfield Cloth's Cool Wool range (which is rebranded Bateman Ogden Panache) or Dugdale's New Fine Worsted range?
Most worsted books are city suiting or light jacketing. Suiting books are mostly dark blue or grey, while jacketing books usually are patterned. Hence, a solid green falls in between those two and you will not find many places that offer what you're looking for. However, the Dugdale New Fine Worsted book has an interesting range of greens. If you're in Hong Kong, I would imagine 8-9oz would be the sort of fabric weight I'd be looking for.
Nancy worsted flannel: my Fox blazer is holdng up fine.
Unfortunately, not at the moment. I'm traveling now and will be back next week. Will post a pic then, weather permitting. I must say, it wears heavier than its weight (although I do wear warm), and I mainly use it for temperatures between 0 and 15 degrees with a topcoat, and perhaps five degrees warmer without.
Well, on the other hand, I have a an odd jacket in the lightweight Fox navy. As I understand it, the warp is worsted while the weft is woollen (or Vice versa). I have had it for two years now and worn it quite regularly. It seems to hold up quite well and is not too wrinkle sensitive. That said, I would hesitate making trousers out of it.
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