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I had a Winchester shirt made by Hemrajani at my own wedding, but both Tyrwhitt and TM Lewin will be able to provide decent, relatively low cost alternatives.
Nearly every tie will look good with a blue suit and white shirt. Traditional wedding ties will resolve to grey from a distance. If it were me, I'd consider a sky blue spotted tie.
Skip the charcoal grey and go for navy/dark blue. Always appropriate as an odd jacket.
Go ahead. Treat yourself. Lesser Golden Bale
That looks great - what's the reference number?
Fox's 290 collection also has a couple of interesting shades.
All of my suits and sports jackets have been tailor made. Odd trousers, on the other hand, are usually OTR, as are about half of my shirts. For cords, for instance, I don't see the utility of custom-made, where OTR will be perfectly serviceable at a fraction of the outlay.
I've been looking for slip-ons in that style. Where do they come from?
It's not going to happen. Even if you could identify the manufacturer and the bunch, the colour would still likely be different due to minute differences in the dyeing process. Better idea might be just to have some snazzy black tie-related trousers whipped up, in a Black Watch check for instance.
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