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Time for rectification.
Has anyone ever had a double breasted suit made at Peter Lee? DB is a lot harder to execute well than SB, particularly in the shaping of the lapels, and so I'd appreciate some examples of his work. Alternatively, which HK tailor would be able to produce a decent rendition of the Anderson and Sheppard/Prince Charles classical English style?
No, I haven't. I've just taken my business elsewhere.I liked the old Drakes because, with every collection, there'd be at least ten ties that were classic enough for business, but not boring. They had a crispness that, for me at least, just worked. Now, they seem to be catering much more to the sort of person with artfully waxed moustaches and a #menswear Instagram account, and in particular, the colours they use are, I feel, a lot less crisp and attractive. Look at the...
Prices have gone up and (in my opinion) design quality has gone down since the Armoury takeover.
How many yards to make a shirt? (17 neck, 37 sleeves).
Not purchased, but tried on. The fabrics are beautiful and not always easily found in mainstream books, and the construction seems high quality. However, I found them far overpriced - I could get two bespoke jackets from my Hong Kong tailor for the price of one RTW Drakes.
I've always been a big fan of the Hardy Lambswool collection.
25% discount from last remaining length!
While the jacket may be a tad short, I think the problem lies more with trousers that could fit better.
Would anyone know which tweed was used for (or would approximate) Jack Davenport's suit in Kingsman? It's a mustardy yellow with a small blue overcheck.
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