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I can't help feeling that Drakes have jumped the shark. They seem to have become a Rake-influenced charicature of what they once were. Not long ago, I would gladly wear half of the designs that came out each year. Now, the hit rate is much lower. And 95 quid for an on sale tie? Perhaps the shop in the middle of Oligarchia has gone to their head.
I have a swatch of this fabric, and it is much more electric blue in real life than in this photo. I think the picture on the Merino Brothers website comes much closer. It's a shame, I've been looking for a versatile and relatively neutral blue pattern for a travel sports coat for a while now, and would have jumped on it if it actually looked like this picture above.
It's not a Drake's exclusive. I think I remember Cappelli offering something very similar.
I just got this:
Too bad Gilt Edge is a suiting bunch. I've been on the look-out for summer jacketing with conservative patterns like that navy PoW and houndstooth.
I find dark shirts very difficult to combine (and hence have been getting rid of the few ones I had).Black-white herringbone summer jacket?
How blue is this in real life? Is it more like classic navy or more like, say, Minnis 520.I'm thinking about this for a travel blazer.
Sorry, no, this one.
Those W.Bill jacketings look fantastic. @Merino Brothers: in the full collection on your website, there is a picture of a blue gun club. On the picture, it comes across as quite intense. But I find blue is a different colour to photograph, and so I'd like to ask whether it is as blue as that in real life, or closer to RAF
Both Lesser Tropical and Dugdale New Fine Worsted have a number of lovely navy options for a summer suit. Not a fan of mohair, personally.
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