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It seems to me this is an interesting juncture to consider how you'd like to develop your business: - Like Sam Hober and Cappelli, with an extensive collection of silks that only changes relatively little over time. - Like Drake's, where you have a collection that changes every half year - Like Meermin's MTO groups, where every tie is a limited run only available for a short time. Or a combination, of course . At any rate, keep up the good work, I'm very much looking...
For trousers, yes, and has always done. The top picture is not a morning coat, it's a regular suit jacket, albeit with peak lapels. Also, I don't think it's a successful combo.
Actually, it looks like a mongrel. Houndstooth is a relatively informal pattern for a coat, and would not have been worn together with all other accessories, which are suited to a morning coat. This would either be charcoal or light grey, and in some cases might have silk detailing on the lapels. In any case, it would have peak lapels.
Depending on colour preference, I'd say:- One lighter weight navy and grey each- One heavier weight navy and grey each- One seasonal, slightly patterned navy or grey suited to your location (fresco if you're in South California, flannel if you're near the Arctic).
It's properly good stuff. I've got one jacket in it with a second on the way. Get it while you can.
For my next project, I'm looking for a few nice paisley lining fabrics. Would you have any suggestions on where to find these?
Congratulations. Marriage is a wonderful thing. It seems to me you are mixing two dress lineages. 1: The black tie/smoking jacket one which comes from an era where men dressed for dinner, on the highly informal end of that spectrum (a velvet jacket would have only been worn in one's own home, if no guests were present). 2: the blazer and flannels rig, which stems from a navel background and was subsequently adopted of daytime sports. Either can work at a wedding in my...
I have goed experiences with Hemrajani.
Most have been discontinued. There is a new Worsted Alsport, though. That said, the Lambswool and Riviera bunches deserved better.
I'm actually rather looking forward to the mogadors you announced. Also, I'm rather interested in the dark brown grenadine, just to check, is is best compared to, say, dark chocolate in tone? Photographs don't always convey colour well...
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