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I'd say like you have four suits, you need four jackets as well: two for spring/summer and two for autumn/winter. One of each should be navy/blue, the other tan/khaki for S/S and brown for A/W. Here in Europe, the blazer is often seen as somewhat caricatural, worn typically by an elderly and somewhat dodgy Englishman. Think the Major from Fawlty Towers. Nevertheless, navy and blue are great for sports coats and easily combined with a variety of trousers, shoes and...
I prefer it in tan (goes together better with my cognac soft briefcase, I think), but you'll undoubtedly get there. Well done, guys.
You're going to need a $150k stretch goal.
I still have some Hardy jacketings on offer, at reduced prices: http://www.styleforum.net/t/506052/jacketing-fabrics-john-hardy-johnston-dugdale
Any stockists in NYC?
Is Tip Top in Brooklyn still worth going?
Better pictures from Crane:Also a lovely PoW in the same bunch:
A similar question came up about two pages ago. You may want to look at Harrison's Mirage bunch. Does it have to be herringbone? There's a couple great barleycorns in the new WBill Phoenix collection.
Any gabardine will do.
Depends on pattern and texture.Solids: grey is nearly always acceptable, you will not find a lot of love for odd navy trousers on this forum.Stripes: no, unless you're going for formal morning wearChecks: beware. I've had a few houndstooth and glen check trousers that went together with a navy blazer quite well, but your mileage may vary.I'd also stay away from typically suity semi-solids, such as bird's eye and sharkskin weaves.Texture:Most suiting fabrics are acceptable....
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