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Well, I want a weekender and my wife a purse...
Please keep me updated on the navy houndstooth fresco. I'm very much interested.
What will the combo opportunities be on these new products? I'm very chuffed with the briefcase I've been using for the past half year now, and would like to go for both the weekender and the purse (for the SO).
The old Minnis Riviera summer jacketing book was very good as well. I must say, I don't feel much for the new Barbera for Lesser book. I had been hoping for a few interesting gun clubs, but there's none there. A fair few of the patterns are just a bit too garish or busy. Pity.
Interesting new summer jacketing collection from Fox.
Is anyone going who could pick me up one or two things? I'd go myself, but have a week-old baby at home.
I can't help feeling that Drakes have jumped the shark. They seem to have become a Rake-influenced charicature of what they once were. Not long ago, I would gladly wear half of the designs that came out each year. Now, the hit rate is much lower. And 95 quid for an on sale tie? Perhaps the shop in the middle of Oligarchia has gone to their head.
I have a swatch of this fabric, and it is much more electric blue in real life than in this photo. I think the picture on the Merino Brothers website comes much closer. It's a shame, I've been looking for a versatile and relatively neutral blue pattern for a travel sports coat for a while now, and would have jumped on it if it actually looked like this picture above.
It's not a Drake's exclusive. I think I remember Cappelli offering something very similar.
I just got this:
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