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Both Lesser Tropical and Dugdale New Fine Worsted have a number of lovely navy options for a summer suit. Not a fan of mohair, personally.
Strangely enough, there's been a fair few cloth proposals that haven't gone through. Partly (it seems to me), this is because few people, including the subset of LL members who have Vox-type financial wherewithal, have the inclination to bespeak ten pieces per year for a protracted period of time. More blood would remedy this much-lamented situation...
The price of the cloth tends to be a fraction of the outlay still to be made to make it wearable. Unless you're an adept of the FrescoPoncho®.
Harrison has a few teaser pics of the new Barbera book in their Facebook. I'm still out on what I think of them.
Hardy Worsted Alsport should do.
I think that's vintage deadstock, but Fox has some delightfully outrageous jacketings as well.
All decent suiting books will contain this pattern. For workhorse value for money, check out Dugdale royal classics or Lesser 11 oz.
Hainsworth should have all you need.
Apparently, Harrison's has now listed the reissued Barbera on their website, but no pictures this far.
Check out Dugdale's linen and cotton bunch.
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