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sweet. Samurais and choppers? I'm down. Who makes it?
awesome Auximenes. Who makes that pack? You look straight out of Dragon Ball Z or a movie or something. Sounds good to me! Please do let me know what you guys decide as I am super serious.Also, if Drew is in this thread he should get one for his restaurant! SVB, law office looking bare? Moo, what about your risk consultancy?Come at me guys
canstyleace, ever consider a planted aquarium or modern reef for your pad? I think a nature aquarium would fit your space PERFECTLY. You said you wanted some green anyways, right? Seriously man, let me know if you're interested and I will hook you up. StyleForum style. Where are you located?
Fuct COS Uniqlo RO
That's some puzzy shit, even Synthese showed his ugly mug in the flesh
haha, cheers. SF meet up in Jan?
comin from you, Has anyone ever told you that you look like a troll, too?
the degeneration continues
haha, did you notice any of the spots? There is stuff from all over SJ
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