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hey buddy, what are you implying with the hankerchief...
there you go, now I know where you got the shirtless under a blazer idea. keep on keepin on regis
to me, when you push that cassanova sorta style regis does, there are obligatory touches of flair and flamboyance that can be feminine or scream "luxury". ie rings, cologne, gay exotic leather tassle loafers, coral colored phone cases encasing a "gold" and white luxury phone
the brudder and I at a wedding a few weeks back Jcrew Uniqlo Thrift CK Outlier Dont remember
Update: Every single item I bought sold out in my size... AMENNow I'm poor and totally unoriginal.
yee! I've been trying to post more fits but been very busy lately.
Afraid to wait for salez. I haz no money now. RO Miharayasuhiro Jacket Helmut Lang Jacket Rag and Bone
245? My fuckin goodness. Is it calf, deer, or something else? made in US?
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