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OK, what's a muscle up?
What uniqlo pants? Dress slacks that have been tailored? They look like wool but it could be black denim?Thanks!
I ordered the Buzz Rickson once... can't believe it didn't work out, but I didn't love the fit for some reason. Maybe I mis-sized it
vodka it is! What''s up with Russian beer? Radioactive? I gave synthethes's drunk ass a ride home and he didn't even give me a kiss! Rip off
how have these not sold?
There should be a streetwear group challenge. 1.) Assemble regional SF cohort 2.) Get inebriated 3.) Conduct interviews and shenanigans and catch on video
yes and yes
I left Mountain View at 11 PM. no excuses, we coulda even carpooled!
Cant believe toasty, Fycus, and Sinned were no-shows. Get your act together!Lookin' forward to more drinks on StyleForum in January.
Hey guys,Got a few things for sale.Ann Demeulemeester Hi-Top Zip SneakersSize 44Asking: $180>$150 shipped CONUSBeen worn a bit, but still ton's of life left. The sole is in great condition, hardly worn. There are some blemishes on the uppers, but hey, it adds character! [[SPOILER]] Our Legacy Shirt, 100% virgin wool, Large (50)Asking: $100>$85 shipped CONUSBeautiful shirt that is just too slim on me. Cut slim. Nice textured wool with caramel buttons. Collar points are...
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