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dat collar roll. make?
thank you. Polo's are sick. If you need to add some edge, just do it skinhead style with slim, cuffed pants and loafers.
truth is, the pants are designed to make a more bowed silhouette, that's why I like them. There is something assertive about a wide stance.But(t) naked, I'm definitely not bow-legged. So it's hard to say if we have the same leg shape.
I got these too. I sized large, my "normal" size.Theyre really sweet. The inside is the typical sweatpant nap but the outside material looks tech and has a really nice weight to it. Will def be wearing on my "comfy days" to work this winter.And I'm obsessed with G-Star right now. Just ordered too much to try some shit out.moreBest,Kent
Oh, I'm sure it is. But I was hoping to stay with a local, get some local flavor, and save some money.
Hey guys, I'm going to Denver from August 29-31 for a marine aquarium conference at the Hyatt Regency Convention Center. Aren't some of you cats from this area? Anyone willing to let me bum on their couch? I will take you out to dinner, buy you alcohol, and buy you weed. Each night. Anyone game?
who make
thanks, I think I know where I am now...
Umm, where is the WAYWT thread?
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