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I usually wear a size 42 or 9US but I found that my shoes were a bit roomy so I sized down half a size. They ended up being too tight. Do you guys think there is something wrong with the lace holes for just my pair or are all models supposed to be like this?
Just received my meermin shoes today. Very happy with them except they are too small. I shouldn't have sized down. These are 7.5UK. I should have got 8UK. If anyone wants these please let me know.
what are your thoughts on these oxford cap toes? I was going to order these as well. How is the finish and quality?
does anyone have actual photos of this model? http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2339 I am looking to order but just want see the shoe at different angles
how do I go about making a purchase? I can't buy from the website and the company won't answer my emails
anyone buy the cable shawl sweater? how is the quality and fit?
got the shawl shaker cardigan in small. looks and fits good. heavy knit cotton.
Quote: Originally Posted by ruben Interesting. I'd heard good things about the fit and quality of the chinos (at least given the price) over on AAAC. I was just placing an order for some and looking for a coupon code here. Anyone else have experiences with the LE canvas chinos? I got 2 pairs in size 30. Definitely had to size down. I thought the fit was good and slim enough for me. I have bigger legs so the cut of the chinos were...
anyone find that the new heritage pattern poplins fit looser? i have a medium and the fabric is thicker than the ones I bought in the summer. The cut is also looser in the torso
shirts do shrink after wash and dry. i bought 2 heritage poplins and 1 oxford all in medium. They were a bit roomy and long. I washed with warm water and dried on high heat. Shrunk it down to acceptable size.
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