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There are two colours of the snuff suede, dark brown and light brown. Which one looks better?
Do you mind posting photos? I was looking to purchase the boots as well. Just wanted to see what they looked like beyond the stock photos. Also how is the sizing?
Both my shoes squeak as well. I bought 2 pairs of the classic collection, Hiro cap toe and Olfe cap toe.
where does it say made in spain? I have two pairs of classic collection and I don't see made in spain anywhere
It seems my soles are starting to split and I haven't worn them yet. Is this the case? And will it get worse with wear?
Yes it's classic line
Got my shoes in today. Finish seems to be a bit rough. Should I have expected this or is this an anomaly?
Did anyone find out if these are actually made in Spain? It doesn't actually say made in Spain on the shoe.
Hi, is there a code that you need to apply the student discount? I called online to ask them to apply the student discount but she asked for a code to punch in the computer and I didn't have one.
New Posts  All Forums: